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Post Game Thoughts- Ravens.


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32 minutes ago, AP_allday2869 said:

Why would ANYONE cheer for Brandon Williams loud enough that the whole stadium could hear it

They wouldn't. They know it. Maybe i'll start a "Four More Years" chant at the game this week.  I mean, I'm just advocating for a Cousins extension. 

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1 hour ago, wcblack34 said:

Yeah. Fewer cultists. 

idk about that haha! Cults of all kind seem to be the new big trendy thing anymore.

I've always felt like Tom Brady has had a cult following him around.

Okay, forreal this time, I'm done with that topic. It's not important and didn't have any impact on the game whatsoever.


Next year, our 17th game will be against the AFCN, right? There's a chance we play Baltimore again then next season.

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9 hours ago, SemperFeist said:

Nobody deserves 4 more years. Not even Cousins. 

It's already been too long. The sooner we can move on the better. I like to think any suggestion towards a four year extension is satire. I am not convinced we'll have him through the current contract even though it is guaranteed.

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