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2022 Senior Bowl February 5


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34 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

@e16bballI think there’s legitimate concerns for all of these QBs. Kenny Pickett basically was good for one year. Willis was not good this year. Howell regressed. Corral? Who really knows with him. Strong looked dreadful at the Senior Bowl. Ridder is a question mark? 

That’s pretty much where I am. 

I don’t want to dabble in the Strong/Ridder market at all. Just feel like if you’re deemed to be a peg down from the top guys, in this draft class which is already deemed to be a peg down compared to most drafts — that’s a big mark against you. I believe in the power of the crowdsourcing when it comes to QBs in the NFL nowadays, so if no one else really wants you, I probably shouldn’t really want you either. 

Watching them, they both have some tools. Strong has a big arm and Ridder has a legit NFL arm with legit NFL legs. It’s mostly just an issue of accuracy and ball placement for me. I thought Strong had to show he could be elite with that at the Senior Bowl, because that’s a prerequisite for winning exclusively from the pocket in today’s NFL — and he definitely didn’t. Add in the knee issue, which sounds like it could be a lasting problem, it’s a no from me on Strong. And with Ridder, he’s basically never impressed me as a thrower. I think he would have to make major strides after reaching the NFL to become a passer at the level I’m looking for. He reminds me of Mond in some sense: all the ingredients are basically there, but they just don’t seem to fit quite right, look quite right. 

Which leaves us with the same 4 dudes we’ve been talking about for months. And I’m with you: there are compelling reasons to want each of these guys, but there are also equally (or more) compelling reasons to want to stay away. I would love to be able to sit this draft out for QBs. But I don’t think they’re going to be able to. They’re not going to get a long-term QB in the fold before the draft, and if they do only get yet another bridge (or do nothing), they just have to back it up with a legitimate prospect. 

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On 2/22/2022 at 10:34 AM, ARTMONK HOF said:

I know it’s not a position of need but this guy is a monster who can put immense pressure up the middle which would help out Chase and Montez. 

It’s a position of need if they trade Payne for a 2nd & 3rd or 4th round pick. If they re-sign Payne which I’ve heard rumors they’re working on, then NT is not a position of need. 

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