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  • 2 weeks later...

I am a big fan of Matt Corral. Strong, accurate arm at all levels of the field and great field vision. Worries i have are a small build at 6-6'2 205 Lbs. Will have to build up to 215-220 to withstand the nfl rigors. There were some rumblings about his studies and work ethic. But apparently teammates said that was put to rest. He puts in more than enough time and effort to be great. Probably has grown out of his immaturity so if that was an issue freshman year and its now not, that does not concern me. 

My mini mock: 

1st: QB Matt Corral Mississippi : i am seeing no ringing endorsements on Kyle Trask and I honestly question Arians IQ if he thinks Trask is a better prospect than Ridder or Corral. Both are more exciting to watch and possess much bigger upside. Howell is a better prospect than Trask as well. Bucs are in the market for a new QB. 

2nd: Tariq Castor Fields CB Penn State : Bowles needs athletic Physical Corners to play man coverage. Fields fits that mold. He's got a ton of potential and penn state does not lack talent - they lack coaching and usually are better pros than college players. 

3rd: Zamir White RB Georgia: Will need a back to compete with an incoming FA (Marlon Mack?) and Vaughn. White is the total package.

4th Round: Luke Fortner G/C Kentucky: Bucs are about to lose either cappa or jensen this offseason. Better to keep the younger guy in Cappa and draft someone to develop or start right away at C. 

5th Round: Khalil Shukir WR Boise State: Later than anticipated for a WR but i feel the bucs resign godwin and address this later. Too early to give up on Dardon and Johnson and may fill out the slot in FA. 

7th Round: Michael Clemons Edge Texas AM : Depth and camp competition 


FREE agency: I think you let Carlton walk. Tagging him at 17MM is too pricey. If you want to pay a Corner - sign Donte Jackson and draft a guy to replace Bunting. Try and extend Dean now. 

Give Godwin and Cappa extensions. 

Cut Cam Brate; resign OJ Howard for cheap. Find blocking TE's in FA. 

Address DL in FA. Let go of Suh. Bring back Gholston. Target Sheldon Rankins and other FA's to fill out Depth. 

Find a way to keep Whitehead. He's a better pick than Davis in my opinion. Edwards might be able to fill the SS spot, but i feel he's more suited in the hybrid role. 

Re-sign Blaine Gabbart. You need a vet behind the rookie in case he's not picking up the offense right away. 

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My Mock Draft: 

I project we trade out of the first - We have some needs and very little cap room. With Aaron Rodgers potentially retirement, the Broncos move up from 38 to 27. Sending us their 2nd round pick and 3rd to move back into the first - Potentially a 3rd rounder in 2023. 

Why the Bucs Make the move? Going into the draft - Bucs will need to find a WR, RB, CB, and potentially a DL/Edge. Add safety to the list with Whiteheads looming exit. 

2nd round via Denver: Jahon Dotson WR Penn State: I think the Bucs get a player with great speed and excellent hands. At 5'11 - he may not have the best size we're looking for but he can get over the top and make the catch in traffic. 

2nd Round: Drake Jackson Edge USC: Stats won't jump out at you but like at Penn State - talent is there, development isn't. Jackson is a beast off the edge and could be a 3rd edge rusher off the bench and eventually take over for Barrett in two years if he continues to have performances like he did in the playoffs where he looked slow off the ball. 

3rd Round via Den: Lewis Cine S Georgia : He will be in the rotation but a solid replacement for Whitehead. 

3rd Round: Sevyn Banks CB Ohio State: Sleeper here who had limited time on the field last fall. Has excellent athleticism and coverage ability. 

4th Round: James Cook RB Georgia : Has minimal miles on his legs splitting time with White - who's the bigger back. We're going with a rotation here with Vaughn-FA- and draft pick. Cook has great vision and speed and could be a threat out of the backfield. 

5th Round: Thomas Booker DL Standford: Adds depth to the roster inside. Smart football player who can be a solid back up/average starter down the road. 

7th Round: Andrew Stuebar OL Michigan: Stuebar is solid and coming from the physical big 10. He's played Tackle and Center - prime definition of a swing back up on the roster. 


What went into this draft: I had some struggles with Dotson over Alec Pierce. I feel Pierce is a precise route runner with good speed and hands - but Dotson contains those traits with better athletic ability. 

The Trade down : A lot of folks feel this draft may be lacking a ton of 1st round tier prospects: I feel like we will go in with guys like Trent McDuffie, Jordan Davis, Treylon Burkes with grades for the 27th pick. If a Sam Howell or Matt Corral are available - Denver could make the call to trade up for a new QB. Right now - they have Drew Lock. That's it. 


I think some moves we make in FA : we sign Carlton davis but still take a CB in the first 3 rounds. I was more on the Paulson Adeebo train over Trask last year bc I felt our secondary even after the super bowl - would eventually lose that trio. Plus I am not on the Carlton Davis as a #1 CB train either. 

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