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Dan Quinn staying in Dallas!!


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Just now, atran35 said:

Mike Fisher stated he got a substantial raise. 

Jerry told the world it was a blank check like 2 weeks ago. Its why I had no doubt he would stay. Cowboys fans have built up a natural hatred of Jerry due to lack of success for most of our lives. You dont have to look any further than @D82 to see a dude who has grown more and more frustrated every single year to the point of anger. 

But the reality is that Jerry has a very magnetic personality and virtually every player or coach who comes through Dallas loves the guy. Many of them are loyal even after he cuts/fires them. When Quinn said that this is the best job hes ever had, and Jerry followed that with "I will pay you whatever you want" - - the main obstacles were removed. 

1. Money is no longer an issue.

2. Support is not an issue

3. Players are not a (huge) issue

4. Legacy/reputation is no longer an issue (he is literally the most famous DC on the planet because he is with the Cowboys).

5. Staff is not an issue (both the assistants under him and his relationship with McCarthy).


The only thing that would cause him to leave is the prestige of being a HC. But as most of us know, being higher up in the food chain doesnt always make you happier. 

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11 hours ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

Huge news. Obviously we are still likely to have some regression on forced turnovers. But continuity here is huge for Dallas, and it’s massive for Micah’s continued development.

And, more importantly, it ensures that The Village Idiot won’t be on the team next year!

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