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More on Trent McDuffie. He'll be the starter on one side. Sorting out the rest may take a while.

This one covers the other new CBs--Johnson, Williams, and Watson. 

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One of the knocks on Darian Kinnard was that he would need to move inside to OG. That would be a problem since the Chiefs already have three Pro Bowl level players and a seasoned backup. Right Tackle is another story.

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1 hour ago, Chiefs_5627 said:

Lol don't hold back Simms 😅

But he did. Chenal is potentially the biggest steal of the draft.

No one, and I do mean NO one, evaluated him as an Edge. They should have. Every evaluation makes not of his effectiveness as a blitzer, then ignores it. Maybe it's because he doesn't look like a typical Edge. Who knows.

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On 5/1/2022 at 7:47 PM, Chiefer said:

kennard looks like a mean SOB

He’s another guy that’s just violent.  Love the video of Chenal from the mother ship too.



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Video, sorry Jay…you’re too fast for me.
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Nice article on the draft classes athleticism as measured by RAS. Generally, the Chiefs drafted for speed and suddenness and sacrificed height. The exxception is Leo Chenal who is a LB from Central castin--everything is maxed out, including the smash-mouth attitude. 

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You don't often see vid studies of 7th round picks, but here is one of Isaiah Pacheco. He has game breaking speed, a lot of physicality, and something this class may become known for--passion. 

And one of Bryan Cook

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I have been waiting for a vid study of Leo Chenal. Most reviews discard him as an oversized throwback Mike, which does not play well in the current NFL Yet they still comment favorably on his physicality and his blitz as if those are unimportant compared to his look. He played off ball for 96% of his snaps, but he doesn't have to play in the middle or offthe ball. Most likely the Chiefs want him outside. 

So, let's see what Ron Kopp has to say. 

The other intriguing part of Chenal at that specific, on-ball alignment is his natural abilities as a pass rusher. While he was rarely used to truly rush against an offensive tackle from the edge position, he was used as either a blitzer or a pass rusher on 17% of his snaps in 2021.

Chenal is going to contribute to the defense immediately. On run downs, the Chiefs can feel more comfortable than they have in the past to be in their base formation — knowing they’ll be strong against the run, and also capable against the pass with Chenal’s natural skill for getting after the quarterback in a variety of ways.

However, Chenal isn’t going to be cornered into that limited-time position. He has the ceiling to be the team’s best overall linebacker, and that is no knock on his teammates. It means the Chiefs have an incredibly good group at that position, and the sky is the limit for the impact they can make over their next few years playing together.

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