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2K22 Rookies


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On 7/23/2022 at 11:23 AM, onejayhawk said:

Maybe. I think it was more that McDuffie was a tier higher. He may be the true cover CB we haven't had in decades. 

Agreed. He reminds me of Brandon Flowers but a tad bigger. Not the best athlete and will likely struggle with bigger WRs but will be sticky in coverage

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2 hours ago, chiefs82 said:

Agreed. He reminds me of Brandon Flowers but a tad bigger. Not the best athlete and will likely struggle with bigger WRs but will be sticky in coverage

What do you mean not the best athlete. RAS loves everything but the height, see below. 

He's not as big or as fast as Sauce or Stingley but he's instinctive, hardworking and tenacious, even solid run support. This guy is a fighter. That part will fit right in with the more physical approach we are seeing this offseason. As for the bigger WR, that's where Joshua Williams and Waylen Watson figure. 


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Three UDFA have a shot though probably not very good ones. Jerrion Ealy would need to win both KR and PR jobs. Mike Rose and Jack Cochrane would need to kill on ST. All that is possible, but most likely they are headed for PS if anything. 

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This article comes out and says it, Chiefs Relying on Rookies for Return to Super Bowl. In addition to their skills and athleticism, these rookies bring a lot of physicality and toughness. As Chiefer says in a few posts up, there is a mean streak in this draft class. 

On another note, I heard from several directions, that Isaiah Pacheco reminded someone Kareem Hunt. That's fast company, so I ran down the source who is Albert Breer and the someone is the Sports Illustrated staff.

This is the quote.

  • Isaih Pacheco, a seventh-round pick out of Rutgers, looks like a real player—216 pounds, 4.3 speed, and traits that remind the staff here of former Chief Kareem Hunt (only he may have an extra gear that Hunt didn’t). He’s a product of what the personnel department saw as a surplus of Day 3 running backs in this year’s draft class, which was a result of the COVID season of 2020 taking work away from guys who may have entered the ’21 class. And Pacheco’s more than just a traits guys—he’s shown real vision, too. It’ll be interesting, then, to see how he fits into a crowded backfield with Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Ronald Jones and Jerick McKinnon.

Hunt had incredible balance and a knack for timing his cuts. I'll take the size, speed and toughness and be happy for now. I suspect Ron Jones is less happy because Pacheco is a natural for goal line work--power in the hole and the speed to go wide, plus he pass blocks.

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On 8/6/2022 at 4:18 PM, Chiefer said:

Im hearing good things about McDuffie, Karlaftis, Moore, Williams, Watson and Pacheco

In that vein, here is an article on three rookies who were not 1st round picks. Interestingly, Skyy Moore is the sell recommendation.

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They are starting to call the rookie DB the Fab-Five.

  • Everyone expected Trent McDuffie to be a stud. He was ranked as high as #10 on some boards.
  • Getting what looks like a future starter in the 4th round is unexpected, but Joshua Williams looks the part.
  • 2nd round pick Bryan Cook is quietly becoming the leader of the group, playing on ST and emerging as the Big Nickel and dime DB. 
  • Two 7th round picks, Jaylen Watson  and Nazeeh Johnson are both looking god in camp. Watson will likely make the 53 man roster and Johnson has a shot and a future with ST. At minimum, he will make the practice squad. 

This on Cook.

While McDuffie and Williams were standouts in practice, the second-round rookie in the safety room seems to be the player stepping up off the field. Chiefs DB coach Dave Merritt spoke highly about Bryan Cook, who has seemingly taken a leadership role among the “Fab Five” rookie DBs as Merritt calls them.

"Bryan Cook, what I’ve seen with this young man is the fact that he has taken the leadership role of the young class that is coming in. Cook is the energizer bunny, you see him over on the sideline dancing to the music and everything. He has taken the leadership role, which we thought he was going to become and he’s already doing it for us."

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

I was high on Isiah Pacheco before the hype train got rolling. I figured a RB with size and real speed would make a good KR. Since he had chops as a blocker, that looked like a payer to watch. Things developed. He stood out in OTA, minicamp and on ST. It turned out he could follow blocking and catch the ball. Indeed, he is said to have an impressive catch radius. That opens things like 3rd down back and short-yardage/GL back. Still, Clyde is da' man. IP is 2nd or 3rd on the depth chart. What, realistically, is his rookie expectation?

This article tries to answer that question. I'm not sure I buy it all but at least there is some logic. Let's just say he's solid in his place and has long term upside. Given the way injuries bite, that could be shorter than longer. 

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Brett Veach on the draft class. They say that five players who contributes makes a good draft class. There are two starters and six players who can contribute now without even discussing core ST. By midseason the number could be eight or nine.

I think the thing that surprises the most with this group is — and Steve (Spagnuolo) may have mentioned this a few press conferences ago — is how quickly they’ve been able to catch up to speed. Usually, when you bring in a group of (draft picks) — and we had a big group this year — but usually when you bring in a rookie class, they’re all on a different timeline in regards to can they get up to speed and can they be in a position to help this team out. At what point will they (be ready) — a few weeks into the season? The halfway point?

I think the one surprising thing is that the group as a whole, they’ve shown that they’ve been able to come in here and that the game isn’t too big for them. They fit athletically, skill-set wise and the coaches have shown that they’re willing to put their trust in them and to work them in. I think you guys have seen a lot of these young guys working in, not just playing-time-wise, but they’re working in with the first and second-team and getting caught up to speed quickly. It’s rare to have so many draft picks contributing early, but every indication throughout training camp and the preseason has shown that the majority of this group is ready for the NFL game. They still have room for growth and improvement, but right now the team is very comfortable with the youthful talent they have on the field.

So, I think It’s surprising to have such a big class and have the majority, if not all of them, show that they’re ready to go. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done with these guys and Steve (Spagnuolo), EB (Eric Bieniemy) and Coach (Andy) Reid would be the first ones to say we like where we’re at right now, but to get where we need to be there is still a lot of work ahead of us.

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It's Quarter pole time in the NFL. With four games in the books

Pick 21 Trent McDuffie CB - Washington Day #1 starter, currently injured

Pick 30 George Karlaftis EDGE - Purdue Day #1 starter, currently logging star player snap counts

Pick 54 Skyy Moore WR - Western Michigan Day #1 rotation WR and punt returner

Pick 62 Bryan Cook SAF - Cincinnati DB6 and key ST player

Pick 103 Leo Chenal LB - Wisconsin Rotation LB, not getting heavy snaps. 

Pick 135 Joshua Williams CB - Fayetteville State University Made roster but current buried on the depth chart

Pick 145 Darian Kinnard OL - Kentucky Made roster but not seeing much action

Pick 243 Jaylen Watson CB - Washington State With McDuffie out, was elevated to CB3 and seeing extensive snaps.

Pick 251 Isiah Pacheco RB - Rutgers Primary KO returner and RB3. Is seeing increased snaps

Pick 259 Nazeeh Johnson CB Marshall On Practice Squad

  • McDuffie and Karlaftis are what you expect from first round picks and often do not get. With reasonable career progression there are Pro Bowl appearances in their future.
  • Skyy Moore has disappointed some but he is a rookie WR and it's a lot to learn. He is seeing increasing snaps. 
  • Cook is an improved version of Dan Sorenson and showing excellent leadership skills.
  • Chenal Has not had much of an impression. He's doing well enough for a late 3rd round selection learning a new position. 
  • Williams and Kinnard are doing what is expected of day #3 picks.
  • The first two 7th round picks are possibly the pride of the draft.
  • Jaylon Watson has been thrust into a near starter roll and has not embarrassed.
  • Pacheco is starting to look like a major find. A good KO return man, he has come close to breaking long more than once. As a RB he sees RB2 snaps counts and is looking like the power compliment to CEH. 

It's still early but this draft is already looking very good. Fans forget how long it takes most good players to figure out their position. 

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Some guys were doing some comparisons in the Draft Section. I found it a little interesting. Stats come from PFR.



1st overall pick DE Travon Walker has 7 pressures, 2 qb hits, 1 sack, 4 hurries, 2 knockdowns

2nd overall pick DE Aidan Hutchinson has 8 pressures, 3 qb hits, 3 sacks, 2 hurries, 3 knockdowns


Here's the stats for 30th overall pick, George Karlaftis: 8 pressures, 3 qb hits, 0.5 sacks, 5 hurries, 5 knockdowns.

Not looking too bad! He's really only behind in sacks and even then, it's not by much. All three of Hutchinson's came in week 2 vs the Commanders. Karlaftis has also played in fewer snaps than both players; Walker = 278, Hutchinson = 300, Karlaftis = 260.

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