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2K22 Rookies


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A bye-week article grading the class. It's a bit harsh. In particular, Skyy Moore has not been that bad.

Pick 21 Trent McDuffie CB - Washington - Incomplete
Pick 30 George Karlaftis EDGE - Purdue - B-
Pick 54 Skyy Moore WR - Western Michigan - F
Pick 62 Bryan Cook SAF - Cincinnati - C-
Pick 103 Leo Chenal LB - Wisconsin - D
Pick 135 Joshua Williams CB - Fayetteville State University - C
Pick 145 Darian Kinnard OL - Kentucky - Incomplete
Pick 243 Jaylen Watson CB - Washington State - B+
Pick 251 Isiah Pacheco RB - Rutgers - B-
Pick 259 Nazeeh Johnson CB - Marshall - Incomplete

This one has a breakdown of the playing time and results of the rookie class. 


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Just to update my post from a month ago of Karlaftis vs Walker vs Hutchinson:

Walker: 13 pressures, 5 qb hits, 2.5 sacks, 7 hurries, 3 knockdowns, 511 total snaps

Hutchinson: 14 pressures, 9 qb hits, 4.5 sacks, 5 hurries, 4 knockdowns, 479total snaps

Karlaftis: 11 pressures, 4 qb hits, 0.5 sacks, 8 hurries, *2 knockdowns, 385 total snaps

*PFR showed 5 knockdowns previously, now 2. Not sure why and they don't break it down by game.


Just looking at the stats, you'd think he isn't doing well. But look at those snap count differences. He's more efficient. Hutch has the most sacks but they've all come from two games. I haven't really watched either other player to truly compare; although we get the chance this week with Walker.

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GK is not going to challenge for the ROY award but he is one pick I have no second thoughts about. McDuffie might have if he were not injured. Day #1 was a fantastic haul for us.

Day #2 not so much. Skyy is not fitting in smoothly. Perhaps a year of experience is needed. WR often take time to figure the league out. Cook has been solid. He plays a decent S and is valuable on ST. Chenal is the disappointment in my book. I expected him to be a force against the run already. It took Gay two full seasons to figure it out so I guess it's  harder than it looks. 

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Re GK and batted passes, that seems to be a speciality of this DL. Chris Jones saved the SB with a couple of deflections.

Often excitement in training camp fades and disappears when the reality of NFL competition Often August heroes only make PS and rarely or never play a regular season down. Devon Key comes to mind. That seemed to be happening this year with Isiah Pacheco but a funny thing happened. Pacheco kept doing well in his bit parts and we watched his role grow.

Make no mistake, the best RB on the roster is McKinnon because he is an outstanding pass blocker and a very good receiver. However, Pacheco has become a very good power compliment to McKinnon's technique and finesse. On top of that, he is becoming dangerous with the rock in his hands.

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Update time:

Walker: 19 pressures, 8 qb hits, 3.5 sacks, 10 hurries, 5 knockdowns, 699 total snaps

Hutchinson: 23 pressures, 13 qb hits, 7.0 sacks, 10 hurries, 5 knockdowns, 766total snaps

Karlaftis: 15 pressures, 8 qb hits, 3.5 sacks, 8 hurries, *3 knockdowns, 586 total snaps

*PFR knockdowns changed over a month ago


Stats still on par or better than the other two when you consider the snap counts.

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