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The STL Cardinals Thread - New Season, Same Old Cardinals?


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1 minute ago, hrubes20 said:

Without looking anything up myself and taking the lazy approach, what is the reason for it this year?  Did he have a pretty big drop in velo?  Dude was nails last year.

Probably overachieved quite a bit last year.  Secondary stuff doesn't seem to have the same stuff.  Velocity is still there, really only a minor difference (talking about a tenth of a MPH) in velocity from last year.

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8 minutes ago, StLunatic88 said:

Color me shocked here. Unfortunately this just bungles up the roster construction even more without any other corresponding moves (aka, shipping someone out for good)

Definitely agree about the interesting timing.  It appears they DFA Eric Fryer, which means Kelly is our new backup C.  I figured they'd give him the rest of the year in Memphis to at least get him consistent at-bats.  The first few weeks that Kelly is up here, we'll probably get a better feel where they think he is on the developmental curve.

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52 minutes ago, ttitansfan4life said:

Hmmm, Not something I thought we would see coming. 

Marco was at best going to be a BP arm, and I like the things I am hearing about O'Neill.

Even if TON never amounts to anything, getting that type of talent puts us in a better situation moving forward because Marco was blocked as a SP

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12 hours ago, CWood21 said:

Saw MLB.com had O'Neill ranked as our 4th best prospect, you guys agree or disagree?

Like most prospects that don't "look" like a typical player, people have him all over the map. I'd like to see him play before ranking him that highly.

What I do like is how highly KATOH ranks him.

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