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Saints sign RB Jamaal Williams


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1 minute ago, NYRaider said:

I don't think Montgomery is really an upgrade over Williams.

Whos got a better upside? Williams with Detroit or Saints....or Montgomery with Detroit or lets say CHI or the Saints....I Love Williams...But A lot of us see a better OL then the Bears/Saints...which would hopefully include success for any RB

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14 hours ago, Calamity_Cometh said:

I wish I had his outlook on life. Seems like a genuinely great human being.

He totally is, 100%.  

He's an outstanding locker room guy.  He's a tireless worker.  He can really catch the ball out of the backfield and he can block in pass protection.

When he was with my team (Packers) I had a running joke.  If you needed 2 yards, he'd get you 2.5 yards.  If you needed 3 yards, he'd get you 2.5 yards.

He's a very tough runner.  Just not explosive, or agile.    If there is a 30 yard run available, maybe he gets 13-15.  Just not dynamic.  But he's nothing if not dependable and tough.

I'm very thrilled that he now gets a 3rd contract in the NFL.  

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4 hours ago, Rainmaker90 said:

Incredibly happy for Jamaal. One of the easiest players to cheer for. 

agreed.. heard rumblings of the Bengals going after him and was hoping so.. Oh well, I don't dislike the Saints so I can still root for him. 

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