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Favorite Browns Team Ever!!!


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I posted in the Browns ink thread about a tattoo I got for my favorite Browns team ever, the 1986 Browns. Regardless of what we do moving forward, multiple Super Bowls, HOF players, that will be my favorite team. I went to most of the games with my father, including the dobule OT game against the Jets, and the Drive. There was something magical about that season for me. I was in middle school, not jadded yet by to business side of sports. The team felt like a team. From training camp until Rich Carlis "made" the game winning FG, Sunday mattered and dictated how I felt the rest of the week. Dixon, Minnifield, Mack, Byner, Bernie, Ozzie, Golic, Slaughter, E. Johnson, on and on. This was my team. 

I loved reading some responses in the ink thread about the '86 team. Given the different ages in this group, I'd love to read about your favorite all-time Browns team. Please share your team and what it felt like and memories you have about that particular team.

Thank you in advance for sharing.

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‘07 team was a lot of fun, especially with how the season started.

DA looking like a stud, first round rookie rookie QB developing on the bench, a new STUD LT, the rapist in training looking like his pops at TE, Braylon having arguably the second best season  the league as a receiver, Jamal Lewis turning back the clock, Phil the Drill, Cribbs…

It was a fun year.

Runner up is 2020.

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In order for me:

'07: So much fun to watch. We had a Pro Bowl young QB who we thought was poised to really be something special with a potent offense. Lewis ran for over 1,300 yards. Braylon and KWII each had over 1,000 yards. Cribbs and JT were Pro Bowlers as well. They folded late in the season, but they were "super young" outside of Lewis and "going to be back".

'20: KS and his system, a lot of close wins, finally over the hump and beating Pitt in the playoffs really healed a lot of wounds for us. KS may have fixed Baker! This team is poised to make a playoff/division/Super Bowl Run!

'02: What can I say...just organized chaos. Cardiac endings, Dwayne Rudd Helmet tosses, Kelly Holcomb looking unstoppable, Butch Davis is our coach of the future, and we had a shot to beat Pitt and choked thanks to Dennis Dropcutt dropping the ball on 3rd down to ice the win.

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