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Higher on Your All Time list? Dan Marino or Brett Favre


Higher on Your All Time list?  

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  1. 1. Higher on Your All Time list?

    • Dan Marino
    • Brett Favre

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Man, two guys with some of the best peaks we've ever seen. Two badass gunslingers who would make throws many others would never dream of attempting. I think maybe Favre's peak is slightly higher when we talk about 3-5 year spans, with Marino having the best individual year. I think I'll take Marino, because he was more consistent following his prime, whereas Favre started just absolutely throwing games away in the playoffs for the last decade or so of his career. 

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This is a really good question I think. In a vacuum I certainly would rather have Marino than Favre if I had to start a team from scratch. However, I would probably put Favre high on my all-time list given all he has accomplished in his career vs Marino. Favre in the 2nd half of his career however was just a disaster at times though, but I don't think they negates what he accomplished in the prime of his career. Meanwhile Marino was more stable in the 2nd half of his career, yet didn't quite accomplish as much as Favre. 

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