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This is tough because I like so many and want to adopt them all, but I tend to have a soft spot in my heart for guys who we either drafted late or not at all and then grow into impactful teammates. Some of my favs from the past include Mark Tauscher, Tramon Williams, Donald Driver, Sam Shields, etc.

So with that in mind I'm gonna adopt Carrington Valentine :)

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Christian Watson has once again put up the exact same numbers as last week.  This guy is Mr. Consistency.  You know what you are going to get each and every week out there.  I didn't see what kind of sunglasses he was wearing this week, but you can bet your *** that they were cooler than your sunglasses.  

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This week Christian Watson got 25 yards and a TD.  He played a lot more snaps that I thought (26, 46%) but was on a pitch count.  He looked okay, I guess.  I think the TD was a schemed open look, he was WIDE open, but he didn't juke or blow by the defense, they just all shifted the opposite way.  I didn't see him wearing sunglasses this week.

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