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Week 11 GDT: Raiders (5-5) @ Dolphins (6-3) - Who's hungry for sashimi?

Who takes home the W?  

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  1. 1. Who takes home the W?

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SUN 11/19 - 11:00 AM MST

Enormous task this weekend, on the road to the East. Coming off 2 straight W's vs the New York teams where our squad has an entire new sense of life. The boys for the most part are playing HARD under AP. The D has looked good for the most part and our O has shown some life. The Dolphins D is by no means as elite as the Jets D was. However Miami has arguably the best O overall, certainly the most explosive and fast. They have the fastest two WRs and the fastest two RBs in the entire league. Our D is going to have their hands FULL this weekend. AP/PG better be able to scheme some pressure because that's the only way you can contain this passing attack.




God damn do I love me a dark visor w/ our unis.








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Just now, Devilshark69 said:

Whether he’s back or not, needless to say we better have our jet packs ready for the quickness of the phish, and them pots of “death wish” coffee brewed up for this east coast game. Another big test, needless to say. 

It's an olympic track team in Miami, historical levels of speed imo. I noted Hill, Waddle, Achane and Mostert... but even their depth guys have elite speed.

Robbie Anderson can still fly and they just signed Schwartz lmao.


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Who's their 3rd string QB?!? I expect we see them before the end of the game and it's NOT because we're being blown out. Their speed is about to get punched in the mouth and a few body blows. Win or lose I'm happy to see the players enjoying themselves because it was dark days not too long ago. AP has got them playing hard and for each other. 2-0/5-5 never felt so good. Thank you Mark.

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sucks to have them off their bye week as all their speed guys will be healthy. sometimes those little nicks can be huge dividends in slowly down the speed, and we wont have that luxury. 
Hill is such a problem, i hate him as a person, and have hated him as a wr until he has traded and now its just respect for what he does to an opposing O. 
I have no idea how we going to stop their O, but this is a game where under 30 points allowed feels like a win for the D. 

best way to stop them is to keep our O on the field. Hope AOC and the O are ready. 
This is going to be insanely tough game. 

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Just now, NYRaider said:

Traveling east for an early start against the most explosive team in the league coming off of their bye week, this game will probably get ugly.

We're playing with house money atm. I don't care about the final score, I just want to see the guys compete for 60 under AP. If their GAF meter is high throughout, I'll take that as a W. On paper we should be dead by halftime.

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