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Week 11 GDT: Raiders (5-5) @ Dolphins (6-3) - Who's hungry for sashimi?


Who takes home the W?  

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  1. 1. Who takes home the W?

    • Raaaaaaaaaiiiiiiddddddeeeeerrrrrsssssss
    • Ray Finkle's Team
    • I just hope everyone has fun

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1 hour ago, Tank4Drake said:

Dolphins blow us out IMO. And the fanbase comes back to reality that we are a bad football team feeding off a really easy schedule and momentum from a new coach. 

If we beat the Dolphins though… or even keep it within 3-4 pts, we are for real. 

I think it’s a 10+ pt game just based on the talent disparity. 

But I also think we can still be relatively for real. 

Say, 35-24, for example. Miami is just better and further along than we are. Losing to them is no deal breaker if it's hard fought and done in style. 

Something more like 35-10, I'm with you. 

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I see this game as the wake up call.  We aren't legit.  We aren't a contender.  We're about to play against one this week and it's going to be a whooping.  I think it will be a score similar to the Bills game (38-10).  

I think we are trending in the right direction in terms of morale and coaching, I just think we lack the talent to go head to head against everyone in the league.  We need more talent.  Especially on defense.  Miami is an offensive juggernaut.

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33 minutes ago, ronjon1990 said:

Man, I'd love Jack Jones the player, especially for the AP-ASU ties. 

But former NE guy, gun issues, and being a general moron......oof. 

I trust pierce and he knows the guy better than anyone IF we bring him in but yea it’s a reason he’s available lol beggars can’t be choosers. If only we drafted Porter jr at cb. 🤦🏽‍♂️

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