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Week 11 GDT: Raiders (5-5) @ Dolphins (6-3) - Who's hungry for sashimi?


Who takes home the W?  

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  1. 1. Who takes home the W?

    • Raaaaaaaaaiiiiiiddddddeeeeerrrrrsssssss
    • Ray Finkle's Team
    • I just hope everyone has fun

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6 minutes ago, RaidersAreOne said:

We're playing with house money atm. I don't care about the final score, I just want to see the guys compete for 60 under AP. If their GAF meter is high throughout, I'll take that as a W. On paper we should be dead by halftime.

Tua with Reek/Waddle/Mostert/Achane is a different beast than Wilson or Divito though. 

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1 hour ago, big_palooka said:

Marcus Peters going to be giving a 25 yard cushion this week instead of the usual 15. 

Can’t wait to dump Peters and have a real franchise CB. I have never been a fan of Peters game. Great WRs obliterate him. The one INT he MIGHT get just doesn’t make up for it. I will say he’s having an ok year though. 

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I just can't see us winning this one. 

But it will be Pierce and Hardigree's first big test. We can lose, and honestly probably lose pretty handedly, and still come out better for it. 

That being said, I've been highly impressed by both of them, considering the circumstances. If they managed to pull this one off, is it too early to take away the interim label? 

Two things I want to see:

1. How we respond when things don't go our way and the opponent isn't Zach Wilson. We responded well last night when down. But the Jets O sucks. Can Pierce keep guys fighting if/when the game gets out of reach? 

2. Open up the offense. The Jets D was a good test and we looked fine given the disadvantages we're under. Bo and AP have both shown they can manage a game on short notice. This game should, by all accounts, be a bad one for us. No need to play cautious or vanilla this week. Open it up and let's see what you've got. Even if we lose, and lose bad, I can still be impressed- and I think a lot of people can be. For me, it's the difference between a placeholder and someone deserving the full time job- you gonna come out swinging and throw everything you've got at Goliath, or play it safe in hopes of not looking too bad after? 

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