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Who would you draft #1 at QB?


Who would you draft #1 at QB?   

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  1. 1. Who would you draft #1 at QB?

    • Drake Maye
    • Caleb Williams
    • Jayden Daniels
    • Other

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I'd be damn happy with either. I think Caleb has shown me more when I've watched him though.

He may be a d-bag (idk), but I would be happy to have the irritating personality of Rodgers if I had the talent to match.

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I'd probably take Drake Maye, if i was a QB needy team with the #1 selection and my pick of the crop.  But it'd scare the bejeepers out of me.  He's got plenty of bust potential.  But that's just kind of the nature of the game.  Very few come along without a significant element of that in some way or other.

I'm not wildly bullish on it though, and there's plenty to like with Caleb Williams.  I just have concerns about the way he plays - and coming out of that system.  There's a lot of just running around improvising even when it's not actually needed.  And we've seen that kind of habit can be extremely hard to break as a Pro.  That system just is not very good for preparing a guy to be a real Pro rhythm and timing Quarterback.  I also have some reservations about his attitude and ego, that at least from where i sit...i'm unable to completely quell from my armchair.  Little things just seem to continually pop up around him.  Even if they're publicly sort of swatted down or dismissed, i still end up questioning why they pop up with him so much more than usual in the first place.  There's something about him even in interviews, demeanor on the sidelines, the things we as fan/draft enthusiasts have to go on, that rubs me a little bit the wrong way.  He's got all the talent to be a dynamic franchise QB, but we've seen too many times that if the attitude/mentality isn't quite right, it rarely works out.  So there's plenty of risk factor there and in his play style.


I think Daniels and McCarthy are both a tier below.  But both also have the tools to be a Franchise QB.  They just have even bigger questionmarks for me.


It's a big decision though.  Lots of potential for it to go very right.  But also entirely possible that it goes very wrong.  As bigtime QB picks often enough do.

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A lot would hinge on interviews with Williams. I'm either taking him or trading out altogether. The bag for trading down is too big to pass over it to take a shot on another dude. 

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I'd take Michael Penix Jr. if I thought he could remain healthy.  SPOILER ALERT:  He can't.

Were I Chicago I'd trade down and take a top OT, selecting my QB with the #9 pick.

Whoever ends up at #1 should take Jayden Daniels.  (I wouldn't be trading up because I like all of the top six QBs.)

I'd also be taking a hard look at some of those Day 3 QB2 choices.

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