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Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

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Building an elite run-stopping defense is building an ineffective defense against the most dangerous teams in the league. If you expect the Jaguars to sit atop the AFC for a number of years it might make sense.

Seriously. That's not the direction I'm interested in the Ravens taking. Neither should you or anyone else. Pittsburgh's most potent weapon is still their passing game too. Bell is a monster, but one you can live with. At least on the ground... but linebackers/multiple linebacker sets aren't stopping him catching passes. 

Mosley can cut weight without anything else happening on the roster. And he should. I'm not really much of a believer that he deliberately added weight though. That's just the result of being a full-time football player in the NFL. Sure he can lose some again and reshape his body, but that would actually be on purpose as oppose to what has happened. 

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