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What do you think about a new contract for Shazier?


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4 years, $40m 


Hear me out. His 8.7m salary for 2018 is guaranteed for injury. Now, I believe he will play again. It’s just a feeling, but I think there would be a flood from tears in Pittsburgh, possibly as soon as November.


So, I want to give him an extension. It’s going to have to be an unique type deal, because there is a slim chance that he doesn’t play again. The Steelers have stuck by players before, so this isn’t new territory and is actually right up their alley and could be beneficial for both parties. What I’m thinking about is four years. I’m going to have to put some safeguards in the deal just in case he doesn’t come back. But not only I do believe, but I Shalieve.


The rules state that I can give him a new deal if it exceeds his current deal. It seems like we got some mutual love and Ryan has already done so much for this club and money is really no object, so I’ll give him a $10m signing bonus, exceeding his 8.7m option for 2018.


Just give him minimum salary in year one. I’ll give him minimum salary year two as well. The third year is going to be a $12m option bonus with a $7.5m salary. Year four is a $9m salary. If by some chance that he isn’t able to play I’ll either not pick up his option or Shazier will retire. But I just believe that given the man we got here that I think he comes back to play. Maybe he won’t play this year, but he will play again.



2018  cap hit - $8.7m

New 2018 cap hit – [(10/4 + 0.75] = 3.25

Savings: $5.45m


2019 cap hit: [(10/4) + 0.75]


2020: option bonus 12M

Pro-ration: 2.5m

Salary: $7.5m


2021: Pro-ration: 2.5m

Salary: $10m



By the time we reach 2020, more information will be known. At that time, I will either do a normal turn his option bonus and some salary and convert into a signing bonus, give him an extension, or not pick up his option.


This is a feel good way to save some cap room and keep Shazier around a little bit longer until the day he is able to run out of that tunnel again. God bless!


edit: I’d pay him 4 years, $40m whether he was hurt or not. So I just gotta move the money around

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In his first interview since suffering a severe spinal injury in early December, Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier said he plans to play football again.

"I've gotta get back, bro," Shazier said on teammate Roosevelt Nix's podcast, which was posted to social media Tuesday night.

Shazier touched on several topics in the podcast, including his desire to become a Pro Football Hall of Famer.

It's good to see him driven to return to the field, but I question whether he'd ever actually get medically cleared by doctors to participate on the field again. Could you imagine what would happen if he gets cleared to play, then suffers another spinal injury? Would the Steelers or any other franchise want to take that risk? He is a talented player, but at what degree of comfort do you have to be to allow him to return?

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sorry fellas, but hes not playing again... as a Packer fan I've seen too many severe neck/back injuries to players who have never sniffed a tryout much less the field post injury (collins/finley/franklin). Ryan will end up taking the retirement $ deal that many others do after realizing no team will show serious interest (based on doctors discretion) in him once he feels hes fully healed

I feel bad that another top tier player suffered this kind of injury in his prime, but thats the nature of these injuries... grim playing future at the expense of living a semi normal life from here on out without that kind of risk of losing significant mobility from another collision

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Here's what I do:

Take this years money, make it a 4 year deal with the $8.5 guaranteed evenly divided.  Each year after this year has health, playing time, and other incentives.  Guarantee kickers each year for the next year.  

Reduce his cap his by $6mil this year while giving the incentive to come back.

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