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Infamous Bengals

Johnny Nix

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Who were some of the most hated (or strongly disliked) Bengals players in recent memory. Of course some players were only disliked after they were retained for too long. Rank them in order

heres some that come to mind 

-Cedric Ogbeuhi

- Russell Bodine

- Brandon Tate

- Robert Geathers

- Chris Crocker

- Jeremy Hill

- Eric Guysuck

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Lots of guys from the 90s who didn't belong in the NFL but were starters for the Bengals. The Tom Tumulty types. 


Then there were the talented guys who just cashed checks. James Francis or Alfred whatshisname. 

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I mean if Mike Brown counts, he has to be villain number 1, no?


Nevermind... Just re-read the OP. Players... The guys for me were the s*** heads who had all the talent in the world, but couldn't stay out of trouble. 

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