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Preseason Week 1 - Steelers @ Eagles - Tuddfeld's Reign

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9 hours ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

So... we gonna start a preseason GDT or just chat about it here?

Don’t let everyone down btw.

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37 minutes ago, Nabbs4u said:

Over / Under 2 Tuddies for Nate the Great?

Psssh. He throw that before the end of the first quarter.


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Most looking forward to seeing the following (assuming they're playing):

Sudfeld, Pumphrey, Adams, Goedert, Barnett, Mailata, Pryor, Seumalo, Qualls, Vaeao, Sweat, Barnett, Gerry, Grugier-Hill, Nelson, Bausby, Jones, Sullivan

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Yes.... I realize I listed basically everyone lol

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Time for Some Preseason Football


I’m excited. Are you?

I love preseason football. There will be sloppiness. There will be mistakes. But this is your chance to see the 2nd and 3rd stringers show you what they can really do in a game situation. This is their chance to make the team.

Don’t expect to see much of the starters tonight. A series, maybe two. Tonight is all about the backups. Here are some of the things I’ll be watching.

Nate Sudfeld

Carson Wentz and Nick Foles won’t play so that means a lot of work for Sudfeld and Joe Callahan. Sudfeld will have a chance to show the Eagles what he can do in a game setting. They saw him in the season finale last year, but he should be better tonight. He’s been practicing everyday instead of sitting or just running the scout team.

Sudfeld showed flashes in the Dallas game. We want to see him look a bit more polished tonight. The raw talent is there, but he needs to make plays.


I’m assuming (don’t be mad at me Doug) that Sidney Jones will start in the slot. He was out last summer so this would be our first chance to see him in extended action. I’m looking forward to seeing what Jones can do.

I’m also curious about how they’ll use De’Vante Bausby. If Jones starts there, will Bausby be the slot with the backups or will he play outside with rookie Avonte Maddox in the slot? I like all three players and want to get a feel for where they are right now.

Matt Pryor

Pryor’s TC reports have been glowing. In theory, he should be even better in a game setting. I’m looking forward to seeing him manhandle some guys in the run game. He needs to show he can be an effective pass protector. Dealing with the Steelers blitzes will be a good test for him.

Tre Sullivan

The coaches tell us Sullivan has had an outstanding camp. They are happy with his progress. Corey Graham is back as the #3 safety. Sullivan is now fighting for a roster spot. He needs to show he can cover and make plays. We know he can hit. That’s not enough in today’s NFL.

Young DTs

Destiny Vaeao, Elijah Qualls, Azziz ****tu and Bruce Hector have all had good moments this summer. It would be great if one of them would really stand out. ****tu might be the most interesting of the bunch. He was hurt last year and has to be playing with a sense of desperation. Hector has been getting a lot of praise recently.


Does Jordan Hicks play? If so, how does he look. I can’t wait to see Nate Gerry to get a feel for how far he’s come this summer. Kamu Grugier-Hill is battling him for a job so a lot of eyes will be on KGH. And I’m curious about Joe Walker and LaRoy Reynolds, who could win jobs as backups.

Dallas Goedert

I can’t wait to see him catch passes, because of all the great things we’ve heard. I can’t wait to see him block, because of all the bad things I’ve heard. There will be ups and downs. I just want to see flashes of his potential.


Will one of The 4 please step up? Donnel Pumphrey, Wendell Smallwood, Josh Adams and Matt Jones are fighting for one spot. We need one of them to create some separation. I’m most curious about Pumphrey, but most excited about Adams.

Most of all…please stay healthy.


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Rodney McLeod 

“I would just say probably Sidney (Jones). Him battling back from an Achilles injury, being picked where he was picked at. Obviously, have high expectations for him, him just working his butt back to even play last year. But now that he’s healthy, he’s looking good, he’s growing each day. I’m excited for him to finally get out there and show everyone what he’s made of and what he can do.”

Brandon Brooks 

(Matt) Pryor. Looking at Pryor, man, he reminds me a lot of myself when I was young. Big dude who has some athleticism, but really needs to experience play. That’s with everything, just more and more reps. I think he’s going to be really f------ good, to be honest. I’m excited to see him play.” 

Fletcher Cox 

Bruce Hector. He’s just one of those young guys that he does everything right, he listens. I’m not saying that all the young guys don’t listen, but he’s kind of blooming. I’ve seen him take baby steps right now. You can tell it’s showing up in practice and I’m really excited to see him play.” 

Nigel Bradham 

“You know what? I’m excited to see a lot of people, man. I’m really excited to see Sidney (Jones). I think he’s going to do well. Obviously, Nate (Gerry). Nate Sudfeld as well too. I’m ready to see all the young guys, man. It’s going to be fun.” 

Corey Clement 

(Donnel) Pumphrey. Just because he didn’t get a chance to get much work in last year. I know he’s itching to get back out there. That’s a guy I’m looking forward to being able to showcase his abilities. I know he’s got it.” 

Nick Foles 

(Note: Foles was asked which young players fans might notice Thursday.) "I think Dallas (Goedert) has had a great camp, just from the tight end position. I think he’s a really good player that’s coming along every single day. He’s going to keep working every single day, he’s obviously young, but he’s got a lot of great coaches and players around to help him. I think he will be a guy to do well. I think another guy would be Rashard Davis. From a guy that’s undrafted, coming in here in his second year, I think he’s a very talented player, can do a lot of different things when the ball is in his hands, is very dynamic. A lot of guys might not necessarily know much about him, but I think he’s a guy who can do some really special things."


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I never thought I'd be so happy to hear "It looks like it's in the area of holding."

Oh how I've missed you, football.

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