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Would you trade Ben Roethlisberger to Jacksonville?


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The thinking is the Steelers are going nowhere fast and have no chance of winning the Super Bowl. And if you’re not trying to win the Super Bowl, what are you really doing. The Steelers and Jets could pick top 5 if the Steelers “rebuild” and the Jets take their natural course. This draft has Justin Herbert at the top and premier interior DL littered throughout the entire top ten where some team will come up to get some of these guys




Would you trade Ben Roethlisberger to Jacksonville?


The logic of this is to do Ben right. Through all his mistakes off the field, Ben has been a valiant warrior on the field and the best QB in Steelers history, but his best game is behind him and we’re going nowhere fast. It’s better to trade someone one year too early as opposed to one year too late. Evidence by Le’Veon Bell trading him a month too late. We are not a Super Bowl contender and we’re arguably not a playoff team, as we might be the worst team in the division with Baker Mayfield QB of the Browns. Do a slight “retooling” of the roster and give Colbert the picks to turn this around fast by moving money off the books and getting picks in return. I think you’re better off moving these guys now as opposed to finishing 10-5-1 and losing in the first round of the playoffs. We’re more like a 6-9-1 team and you need to get something for these guys. This is not an overreaction the defense will give up 30 PPG.


The football side of this is the Jags have cap space and they would get Ben for $10m cap hit this year and $12m cap hit next year, because we eat up the dead money. The Jags could move Bortles and get out from under that new Bortles deal borderline scot-free for a 3rd rd pick like the Bills did with Tyrod Taylor. The Jags are a Super Bowl contender with Ben Roethlisberger at QB, instead of Blake Bortles, because they just need someone to not lose it. Ben won’t lose it when he has a good OL and Leonard Fournette.


This makes sense for the Steelers because they’re not going to win because of the personalities and the lack of team comradery that is causing them to waste their talent  



Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Hilton to JAX for Dante Fowler, 2019 conditional 1st, and 2020 2nd rd pick.

**The condition is if the Jaguars make it to the Super Bowl. Otherwise, it reverts to a 2nd rd pick.


Dante Fowler is a future star in this league. The Jaguars did a good job drafting and he got Wally Pipped. The Jags drafted Ngakoue when Fowler was out for the year with an ACL. Giving Fowler 6 years, $84,000,000 for an AAV of $14m per year. For the Jags, how do you make the best defense in the league better? Add the best nickel blitzing CB in the league. Have to give something to get something and Hilton is a little sweetener to get the picks I think we need to turn this around. Fowler is surplus to requirements in JAX as they denied his 5th year option, won’t franchise him because of cap space, so they might as well get something to win now instead of a comp pick in 2020. This makes the Jaguars the team to beat in the AFC. They have Ben to run the offense. Steelers play in Jacksonville on Sunday night in November 18th.



Le’Veon Bell trade to New York Jets


He rapped about it. Now it should be a reality. The Jets make sense as a landing spot as they have some $90m in cap room in 2019, so signing him long-term shouldn’t be a problem. Helping Sam Darnold be a viable QB in this league will go up exponentially if he has a running game to take the burden off him.


Le’Veon Bell plus a 2019 4th to the New York Jets for a conditional 2019 1st rd pick and 2019 5th rd pick.

**The condition is if Bell re-signs in New York. If he doesn’t re-sign, the conditional 1st reverts to two 2019 3rd rd picks -  their pick and New Orleans



Antonio Brown trade to Miami Dolphins


The Dolphins make sense because of the Miami connection. Drew Rosenhaus operates out of Miami. And Tannehill would be much better with a target like Antonio Brown. This deal can’t happen until the offseason because of the pure dead money ramifications. But you can trade Brown in March. Drama. Diva. I’m over the best WR in the NFL. I’m just exhausted from the underachieving and drama. He’s still producing, but he’s no longer worth the headache. Get out before he starts going the other way and his production declines.


Antonio Brown and 2020 5th to MIA for 2019 2nd and a 2020 1st




Draft Haul

Looking at Landon Collins in UFA. Possibly need a trade. But Haden, Edmunds, Davis, Collins is a nice DB. The makings of a top 10 unit. 


Draft day Trade: NYG trade 2019 1st, 2019 2nd, 2020 1st to PIT for 2019 1st rd pick for Justin Herbert QB OREGON


GB trade 2019 1st and 2019 1st to PIT for 2019 1st rd pick for Nick Bosa EDGE OHIO STATE


These picks don't have to fall but this is merely showing how you can reload right on the fly. Keep in mind three first round picks in 2020.




2019 1st – NYG – Greedy Williams CB LSU


Shutdown. Top 10 CB. 


2019 1st – GB – AJ Brown WR OLE MISS

He looks like AB


2019 1st – NO – Devin White LB LSU


Need to watch about two seconds here.


2019 1st – JAX – Noah Fant TE IOWA


Think Gronkowski. Best TE in the league in a few years. If you don't currently throw to a TE enough it's because you don't have a TE worth throwing to


2019 2nd – PIT – Michael Deiter G WISCONSIN

Played tackle here. Great jump off the ball. He'll play guard at the next level. Could be a Faneca type.



2019 2nd – NYG – Darrell Henderson RB MEMPHIS


Thinking like Kamara - Chris Johnson blend.


2019 2nd – MIA – Sutton Smith S NORTHERN ILLINOIS


Thinking he can be that Moneybacker type position. Just put this guy near the line of scrimmage. Calling him a safety/LB. "Moneybacker"


2019 3rd – PIT – TJ Edwards LB WISCONSIN


Thinking like KJ Wright. Playmaker.


2019 5th – NYJ - N'keal Harry WR Arizona State


Now I'm just going with guys that are also in the mix with some of these earlier picks.


2019 6th – PIT - Devin Bush LB Michigan


Another fast and dynamic playmaker in the second level. Also in the mix with some of the earlier picks


2019 6th – OAK - DeAndre Baker CB GEORGIA


Shutdown CB type. Physical. Good coverage skills


2019 7th – PIT - Byron Murphy CB WASHINGTON

Another DB that I considered with day one and day two picks.



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Kellerman was saying this, so hi Max xD

Really though, trading a franchise Qb is a risk that isn't worth it with our recent draft history.  I think our 2 other QB's will be capable and Ben needs to play better because if he gets hurt I expect these other QB's to play well enough to win some.

Draft picks mean nothing, I mean zero, when you can't draft good player.  Your idea of trading players while they have value will make sense to some but if the team drafting has been mostly bad, it's a waste.  

They probably should have traded Bell last year in hindsight , but now they would be lucky to get RD2 pick or a decent player.  Ben already has talked retirement and is subpar in september for the last 4 years, so he might not have the value anymore either. AB might have some, but he also might have lost value in recent time. 


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4 hours ago, warfelg said:

I mean this isn’t even realistic. I just. Ugh. Is there a block function?

There is. Just go on that person's avy and there is the ignore button.

Thankfully this place has it. I had to use it on a freaking moronic "expert" in the NFL General section after reading arguably the dumbest thing I've ever read on here and I've read some pretty stupid stuff.xD

It's too bad BTSC doesn't have it.

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Ben has arrived, his training camp is over finally. 

The trade this team needs is for ET, because davis is lost .  I would rather this team have ET instead of Bell for those thinking of trades because we need help at safety which should help this D the most. 

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