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Bears vs Cardinals - GDT - Preseason week 2


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In order:
1. Glennon redeeming himself, if he plans on starting

2. Trubisky ..... well I don't think he can really do better than his last outing, but with any luck maybe he'll get in for a series vs a first team D or something. Otherwise, just consistency.

3. RB battle:  Call me crazy, but I'm actually a little bit happy that Howard is sitting this game.... Get to see Cohen vs the starting defense, and more looks @ the Carey/Cunningham/Langford battle. If Langford doesn't play well, after the show Carey/Cunningham put on last week, it's hard to see him making the roster.

4. WR battle.... Need guys to step up in game, instead of just in practice..... Thompson looked like our best receiver last week.... I want to see Meredith and White producing, if they are the presumed starters..... and I'd like to see Gentry get a bigger look against a better defensive unit than the leftovers.....

5. Shaheen... He wasn't bad in week 1, but I'd like to see him be a bit more impactful.

6. Jackson vs Amos for the safety battle.



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I'm excited to see if I can make it to work tomorrow after staying up to watch a preseason game that only starts at 3 in the morning my time lol...

Seriously tho I like everyone else will be waiting on Trubisky hitting the field...the rookies to continue to look good...if Cohen breaks one for a long run and Shaheen makes a big catch I think people will start to get really excited...

Also want to see the DBs continue to battle it out...would love to see Kyle Fuller playing the nickel which is most similar to the position he really dominated in college.

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Just now, AZBearsFan said:

2 screens all they have Glennon throw on the first drive after starting at midfield. I get wanting to get him comfortable, but give him a chance too. And that's from a guy who wants the other guy playing. 

That first Cohen run was great though.

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