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Post-Simmons ACL mock.

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Sorry, but I'd legitimately throw up on my TV/keyboard/infant son if Polite, in particular, and Burns were available to the Rams and they passed on them, not for a trade-back (which my guy, honestly, tells me the won't do) but for an ILB.  It just doesn't make sense, particularly when the team wouldn't be picking again until the comp portion of the 3rd round.

Granted, I don't believe even the lingering scent of Polite will still be on the draft stage for all the times Rog will have walked it back and forth by the time the Rams pick, but that presence is just a higher priority because with the free agency strategy we've tended to follow since the move, if a worthy ILB can't be found on Day 2 then the team will likely be able to swap Mark Barron out to the waiver wire with a more suitable ILB who was the victim of cap casualty.

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Fantastic Raiders draft.  I could easily see the double dip on WR's at the end of the 1st early second.  Your draft for Oakland would be an A+, the O would be instantly transformed and Carr will finally have the help he needs to get back to a Pro Bowl level.  Not to mention we land arguably the best Edge rusher int he class.  

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