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Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20


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I noted that we don't have one of these Rodgers threads on the new FF

Here's a link to the previous one, 3.0 from the old site



This article linked below is from Mina Kimes at espn seems like a great launch point for the new Rodgers thread. Really a well-done piece and they both talk about the search for higher meaning in life. For these truly elite players ( think Michael Jordan) there is often a feeling of emptiness, that something is missing after they achieve the highest rung in sports. "What's next ?"

A life spent totally focused on achievements needs a new direction and challenge and like Jordan, Rodgers is seeking enlightenment. Jordan and Phil Jackson turned to a book called "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior "  Rodgers has found other writings, some recommended by a pastor he met in GB

Really a well done article and offers a peek into the private Rodgers.


" It had been six years since Rodgers' trip to the Super Bowl, and Pastor Bell still remembers what his friend told him after he won: "

"'I've been to the bottom and been to the top, and peace will come from somewhere else.'"

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Just now, CheeseheadinMA said:

I expect big things from him, post-retirement. This guy is smart and grounded, and introspective in all the ways that can make a person become the best version of himself. Wonder if he'd ever run for office at any level??

Make America Grate Again. 

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