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Week 4: Bucs (1-2) at Rams (3-0)

Lil' Shorty

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Time to move on from last week.

Despite logic and seeing how toasted our DBs were yesterday, I could see us actually play well against the Rams. It’s gonna be a weird season.

One of two things will happen going forward. The Bucs will either let this loss fuel them and they will play desperate or they will implode. 

I hope Matt Gay has to win it on another field goal against the Rams and he nails it.


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This is gonna be tough. Aaron Donald will be in Winston's face all day. One thing I have noticed is ever since week 1, he has been playing very carefully to not throw picks. What happens is he sometimes holds the ball wayy too long. Winston is either:
1)Scared to zip throws that before he didn't hesitate to throw
2)His targets are not getting open and are not helping him

Really hoping its the second one. He had a good game, but for 2 games I have noticed him holding the ball in the pocket for a long while.

For defense, the DB's just have to play better. D-line is doing their job and front 7 is stopping the run but these DB's need to get it together

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22 hours ago, bucsfan333 said:

The offense is still pretty vertical. Just like Koetter's.

The offense isnt diverse enough

Howard isnt involved, we have really no option as a 3rd WR yet, our route concepts arent schemed to have anyone open, our screen plays are predictable

at least thats what i see, but then again it could be because Winston just isnt seeing the field , idk

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