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1a. Bush! Finally have a legit ILB that is aware enough to pick up the ball and score. Maybe he can teach williams?

1b Duck - looks legit , I expect duck calls over the PA in  home games

2. Sutton - should start and be CB3 when Nelson and Haden are healthy

3. DL pressure all night

4. Connor and Snell - Connor only got 2.4 ypc but was good in the pass. Snell played good tonight

5. team looked ready


HM-  ST. 

Also, butler appeared to take Allen out of the game - good work, he deserves some credit here, the D is legit now



1. burns - he just isn't a nfl DB, just the facts

2. letting the chargers back into it, not sure who to blame, but the D lost it's aggression

3. dmc and chickillo getting snaps instead of others



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1.  Coaching -  Okay, so, as much as we all bellyache about the coaching, and much of the time, for good reason, we have to give them credit.   They had a good gameplan and the team was extremely prepared.    And while we may be 2-4, we have been every single game vs good teams with no Ben or Brown.   Not saying coaching has been great by any means overall, since coaching decision cost us some of those games....but Tomlin has had this team playing hard, and that cant be denied.     There hasnt been a phoned in performance yet like we have seen several times when we had more talent.    Its almost like Tomlin is a better overall coach with less talent.   The results may not be better, but his performance is.

2.   Defense as a whole - Defense was absolutely dominant tonight.  Not much else to say.    However, this feels like another Cincy game where we destroyed a bad OLine and controlled the game.  Oh well...Ill take it.

2a, Cam Sutton -  Felt like I needed to make a special mention of him.   Every time he is on the field, he looks good.  He needs more playing time, especially over Artie Burnt.  

3.  Jordan Berry -  For as much hate as we have given him, give the dude some love.  Dude has been money this year.   Not sure what clicked, but he is one of the best punters in the league this year.

4.  James Conner - Starting to return to form.     Anyone still think we shouldve paid Bell?   Not even arguing that Conner is better, but its being proven Bell wasnt some one man show and needed this OLine to play well to have success.

5.   Crowd - We always take over Qualcomm.    Feel bad for Chargers though.  Getting booed in their own stadium.

HM Devlin Hodges:   Made a few iffy throws, but overall looks like a nice backup to have.    I felt like the INT wasnt really on him.   Maybe an unnecessary risk, but it was a great play by their DB, and Holton shouldve came back for it instead of waiting for it to get to him.


Down (Not going to include Artie Burns because he is expected to be down when on the field)

1.  Injuries - Hopefully none are serious.    Worried about seeing more Burnt on the field if Haden and Nelson's groin issues linger.

2.   Tackling -  While the defense played well, its sad to see how bad players are at tackling these days...around the league.

3.   Minkah Fitzpatrick trade -   Beating a dead horse here, but Im still not sold on him being worth what we gave up...a potential top 8 pick.   While he has been decent, he misses tackles too often and takes pretty sloppy angles.     He is still very young and could certainly improve, but as of right now, I still wouldve preferred we kept the pick. Hope I am ultimately wrong, though.

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6 hours ago, 3rivers said:

2. letting the chargers back into it, not sure who to blame, but the D lost it's aggression

We werent sustaining as many drives in the 2nd half.   Then Artie Burns was on the field alot.    

Defense was getting near Rivers on every play, even in 2nd half.    I think they just got a little more winded in the 2nd half, especially by the end.

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2 hours ago, FourThreeMafia said:

Anyone still think we shouldve paid Bell?   Not even arguing that Conner is better, but its being proven Bell wasnt some one man show and needed this OLine to play well to have success.

Bell's 3ypc and approx 800 yards projected for playing 16 games isn't anything to pay for that's for sure. The OL has much to do with a RB's success, bell was self absorbed and just look at how he has been in NY.  Our OL was not good for the first several weeks, but they appear to be waking up finally. 


2 hours ago, FourThreeMafia said:

He needs more playing time, especially over Artie Burnt.  

agree, and burnt should be traded or ST only.


2 hours ago, FourThreeMafia said:

Tackling -  While the defense played well, its sad to see how bad players are at tackling these days...around the league.

it's a reason not to watch for me. At least the steelers are making an effort to tackle for a change, but it's  been several years since they gang tackled and hit like they did last night. 


7 hours ago, 95lloyd said:

Biggest up of all Steeler Nation taking over a stadium and making it a home game.

this can only help. Interesting though, is if we didn't play well, would those fans Boo like the pitt fans would?

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1. Bush - Set the tone early with a fumble recovery and INT. Sloppy with tackling at time but he has been a big play guy for the Steelers on defense. The defense was fired up and flying around the field.

2. Conner/Snell - Nice one/two punch last night.

3. OL - No sacks given up and opened some nice holes

4. Sutton - Best game as a Steeler. Terrific catch on the onside kick. It wasn't as easy as he made it look.

5. Hoges - Wasn't a deer in headlights on Sunday night. Managed the game well.



1. Injuries - They got beat up. I'm worried about Tuitt's injury. The bye week comes at a good time to heal.

2. Burns - No clue what some people watched who said he was solid and fine.

3. Pouncey's snaps - What the heck was that? Numerous times his snaps were atrocious.

4. Needless INT - What they were doing was fine. The Chargers weren't stopping them on the ground so I didn't feel a need to throw a longer pass. That gave the Chargers some life. It wasn't Ben who was out there.

5. No return game as usual.

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1. Coaching: 99.9% of coaching staffs would have a dead season on their hands. Losing the top 2 offensive players in perhaps the entire league then losing your hall of fame qb then losing your untested back up qb. Their are simply amazing. 


2. Defense: nuff said.

3. Running backs: they are running and catching..they are everything.  

4. Rookies and young players on Special teams: I like what I see out of some of them. They are making crucial plays ..still much improvement needed but I'm optimistic.  

5. Online and Dline:  Castro looked great..the o line and Dline remains as our strongest foundation.....Mt. McCullers filled in well. 



1. The handling of Duck: he could develop into a good back up maybe even a higher pick. I didnt pay attention to the duck hype..I just took what I saw in preseason with a grain of salt..he is not ready.. he still wants to force balls into ridiculously tight coverage when he is passing.. he is a liability right now and we should have made smarter personnel moves when big Ben  got hurt...people are falling in love with the person and not what they see on the field. None of this is his fault.

2. Injuries: the fact that our QB is not a factor and defense and running backs are forced to carry 100% of the load and win doing it is literally ripping our players a part.. it's bearing down..the spirit and morale is next to snap...

3. The reality of Mason: the fact that I'm looking forward to mason taking over as if he has proven anything is scary.. I'm literally falling for my on hype and it's a sign of the sad state we are in. 

4. Missed tackles: bush and minkah especially have to do better on this..they are doing great and they are both young but that is something I noticed.  

5. Passing game : we might not ever have one this year  ....bad personell moves or lack there of. 

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1 hour ago, DR43 said:

What did Burns do to warrant being on the down list?

he was targeted with success, allowed a TD and as usual has shown that he isn't capable of being a defender. ST maybe, defender, no. Most here are very tired of the sub par quality in DB's the tomlin era has delivered year in year out for say the last 7 years. Burns is just one of them, nothing new, but he has had job security probably since colbert drafted him RD1.

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That TD wasn't on Burns. He had outside coverage. In fact, he played it very well and Henry made a great catch. It was one of the ILB's responsibility to drop back. Neither did. I always feel like I'm defending Burns when I never liked the pick. But he gets undeserved criticism all the time. 

*Just to twist the knife a little more...Burns got a game ball. 

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doesn't matter , burns better not get any playing time on defence but he will since they have injuries. Nice to see they have a bye week and then the dolphins, so it gives Haden and Nelson time to heal. 

and what if baron got a game ball, would you side with the coach there? 

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