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Eagles trade for CB Darius Slay

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17 hours ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:

Using some of this free time to watch each of Slay's coverage snaps in 2019. Have done this with a few CBs before so I already had a bit of a system in place for recording the data. I'm almost done with Slay, but then I'll want to look at an elite CB like Gilmore, a mediocre CB like Darby, and then maybe one other respected CB to give better insight into the data. 

Couple notes, and maybe others were already clear on this but I was not, Slay had pretty absolute shadowing responsibilities in 2019 which obviously is pretty rare for CBs. That alone speaks to how highly Lions staff thinks/thought of him, since that requires some sacrifices from the rest of the defense to afford moving 1 CB constantly (every DB will now need to be comfortable anywhere). He shut down Cooper big time in their matchup, but McLaurin gave him a ton of trouble. Actual yards and catches he allowed aren't too bad (3 catches in man for 42 yards on 10 targets, 1 catch in zone for 26 yards), but Haskins missed multiple deep throws to McLaurin where Slay simply got beat by the speed and had trouble really getting hands on him for a jam. Watching that game, I really came away just more scared of McLaurin than disappointed with Slay... and to think, he could have been ours but instead we are stuck with JJAW.

McLaurin is gonna be a problem for us for a long time. I remember walking away very impressed with him In Week 1. He was clocked in at 21.2 MPH on one of his TDs against us and ran a 4.35 at the combine.


I saw all of DS' snaps too, Keenan Allen and DaVante Adams gave him the most problems but he won some of those battles as well. Also got the game sealing INT while covering Allen.

I don't know what some people expect. As a corner, you will lose some and win some. Heck even Gilmore got lit up by Devante Parker, it happens. If you watch all his snaps and don't leave impressed, then I don't know what to say.

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