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HYPOTHETICALLY IF... cowboys Rescinded Franchise Tag

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1 hour ago, buddy_z34 said:

More than likely Mike McCarthy drafts a QB next year. 

I can see McCarthy drafting a QB most years.  I think he likes to have a QB to develop and if you get someone productive they can be traded for picks or they may get starting time in Dallas.

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24 minutes ago, plan9misfit said:

Depends on who comes out. If anything, I franchise #4 again and try to work a trade so we get some kind of return for him.

It's an option.  It's a gamble.  It takes time to find and develop a QB.   Call me crazy I honestly think with McCarthy the offense and Dak will thrive.  I'm a worse case scenario thinker.  I just don't want a revolving door at QB should we move on from Dak or he decides to move on from Dallas.  I don't want to be pinning my hopes on another mid round pick, free agent, or some other club's castoff.   My argument can be turned around on me.  Locking up Dak for the dollars that are being discussed can handcuff the team at certain positions.  I get it.  None of us really know how much money is actually being talked about.  I won't be surprised if there is an 11th hour deal struck.  I'm rambling now but I think the question is how valuable is the QB position and is Dak that valuable?

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