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Predict the 2020 NFL Season


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Here is mine


1. Ravens

2. Chiefs

3. Buffalo

4. Colts

5. Broncos

6. Titans

7. Steelers


1. Bucs

2. 49ers

3. Vikings

4. Giants

5. Panthers

6. Saints

7. Packers


Chiefs over Steelers

Bills over Titans

Broncos over Colts

49ers over Packers

Saints over Vikings

Panthers over Giants


Bucs over Saints

49ers over Panthers

Ravens over Broncos

Chiefs over Bills


Ravens over Chiefs

Bucs over 49ers


Bucs over Ravens


Brady gets his 7th ring

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4 minutes ago, SteelKing728 said:

I'm surprised no one is adding to this.

You can predict the season game by game! We have this thread every year!

Because these threads are pointless. If Lamar Jackson gets injured Baltimore doesn't make the playoffs.

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I've got both conferences West division being a bloodbath... I tried to keep it as realistic as possible, it's tough to pick against the Chiefs or Ravens on paper at the moment, but I threw a few wildcards in there.

I think the Bills have a terrific season behind a great defense, a leap from Allen with Diggs being a big impact on their offense and a division that is pretty bad outside of them. They end up 11-5 and with how everything shakes out they end up claiming the #1 seed, if I'm honest I would probably go back and flip a game somewhere to make them 10-6 and behind the Ravens and Chiefs but I went with my gut and this is how it played out. They end up with the bye but ultimately fail to really capitalize on a great season losing their first playoff game in the divisional round in what I would predict to be a tough, hard fought defensive struggle in cold weather that the Steelers are able to pull out with the win because of their more experienced QB that's used to winning playoff games and an excellent defense. 

In the NFC I have the Eagles as the top seed. I didn't realize they were having a 13-3 type season until afterwards, going in I would have guessed 10-11 wins, but I think they're a team that has a real shot to win it all this year. Ultimately in my prediction they fall just shy of reaching the super bowl.

I also think the Broncos really surprise some people. They came on strong down the stretch, and I like Lock. He was my second QB in the draft last year. They make it to the post season but don't win a playoff game. Would likely still be considered a successful season with where they are as a franchise. 

Similar to the Raiders. Another step forward going 9-7 and just sneaking into the playoffs and being thankful for the added 7th playoff spot. Where they play the Ravens and without having to pick an actual score I'll just say I wouldn't predict it to be very close. Still Gruden and company would be thrilled to make it there and see is as a step in the right direction in their rebuild. We'd be looking to be a legitimate contender for a super bowl in another season or two. 

Overall I have the Ravens taking a step back regular season wise, but they make up for it with a run all the way to the super bowl. Where they beat the Saints and take home the trophy. 


1. Bills

2. Ravens

3. Chiefs

4. Texans

5. Steelers 

6. Broncos

7. Raiders 


1. Eagles 

2. Vikings

3. 49ers

4. Saints 

5. Packers 

6. Seahawks 

7. Buccaneers 



Ravens over Raiders 

Chiefs over Broncos

Steelers over Texans 

Buccaneers over Vikings

49ers over Seahawks 

Saints over Packers 


Steelers over Bills

Ravens over Chiefs 

Eagles over Buccaneers 

Saints over 49ers 


Conference Championship 

Ravens over Steelers

Saints over Eagles 


Super Bowl

Ravens over Saints 

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