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Panthers 2020 Discussion Thread


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Not sure how many Panthers fans are still on this forum lol figured this would be a good thread for people who want to comment to pop in on though

My thoughts on the season so far:

- It's early, but I am very impressed by the coaching staff.  We are getting the most out of our roster and it's amazing to see.  Everyone had high expectations for Joe Brady, but I don't think the same can be said for Phil Snow.  I was VERY skeptical of the hire but he has the defense playing better than it has since 2017.  What I like the most, and alludes to us getting the most out of our roster, is that I don't think Snow is tied to one scheme.  We have shown a bunch of different looks this year, all to get guys in the best position.  Run defense is still concerning, but they have been better over the last 2 weeks.  

- There are a ton of promising young players on defense (D. Brown, Chinn, Gross-Matos, Douglas, Pride) but the best has been, far and away, Brian Burns.  When he was healthy last year, he was solid, and now he's taken it up a notch.  I don't think I have ever seen a Panthers pass rusher with a first step as good as his and that includes Peppers (and for Peppers to even be close shows how much of a freak he was).  He's only got one sack so far, but he's consistently in the backfield.

- Teddy Bridgewater has been solid.  I am still not sold on him as a long-term starter - he's not good enough throwing down the field and he's not the game changer I want in a QB.  But he's stabilized the position.  He's been efficient outside of the turnovers.  I think he's done a great job helping out the offensive line too.  You can tell he's comfortable in the system because he goes through his reads quick.  

- Joe Brady could be a future head coach.

- DJ Moore hasn't been bad this year, but it also feels like he should be doing much more.  He's still on track for another 1,000 yard season.  On the other hand, Robby Anderson has been a fantastic free agent signing.  Definitely the best WR duo we have had since Smitty and Moose... which I guess isn't saying a lot given the position ever since we released 89.

- Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, but this is a winnable game against the Falcons (0-4) this week.  After Week 5 it is entirely possible we are tied for the division lead.  I don't think anybody would have predicted that after a quick look at our roster.  Let's hope the team keeps trending upward.

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I've been very surprised by Rhule. The defense has been inconsistent in keeping with what you'd expect from a young group. The whole team, honestly, has been hit or miss. The thing that gives me hope, though, is that we've seen improvement week to week. Rhule is putting the blocks in place to build a cohesive functioning team quickly. 

Losing Kuechly and Cam in the same year hurts, but for a rebuild, CMC, a surprisingly strong defense, and a solid checkdown-heavy passer in Bridgewater will do.

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17 hours ago, pf9 said:

I think if the Panthers can't get another 3 wins at least to improve on last year, I think there will be another coaching change. My top candidate is Nick Saban, who has been hugely successful with Alabama.

Panthers are lucky to have 3 wins, much less get 6 lol we are way more competitive than we should be given the talent.

The defensive talent is putrid. 

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On 11/16/2020 at 5:19 PM, fraziafraze07 said:

Also, even without how competitive we've been, I'm pretty sure Rhule would have more runway than that.

Right.  I think Tepper is certainly capable of seeing past the nose on his face, and much farther.  Also, let's all keep in mind how many young players are on the defense.  I'm not sure if it's a talent issue or development issue (which, given the right coaching, will correct itself).  I'm certainly not surprised by the putrid performance given the black hole left by Luke's retirement and the young secondary.

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After Haason Reddick's sack day yesterday and the Cardinals declining his 5th year option earlier this year he will be a FA in 2021.

Think Rhule has any interest in Reddick as a former player he coached at Temple? Burns could use someone on the opposite side.

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