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GDT 10/18/20 Week 6: 4-1 Baltimore Ravens @ 1-3-1 Philadelphia Eagles


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Beltway Battle of the Birds:
Baltimore Ravens: 4-1 @ Philadelphia Eagles: 1-3-1
Network: CBS
Kickoff: 1PM EST

The Eagles just a few weeks ago tied the Bengals that we just decimated and almost shutout. However football is a game of matchups.

The key matchup in this game will be how the Ravens OL protects Lamar. The Eagles have one of the best pass rushing units in the league, however they just as equally have given up a terrible passer rating against when that unit doesn’t get home.

Lamar struggles most when he feels inside pressure, the onus will be on Bozeman, Skura, and Mekari? to hold up against that Eagles DI. If he has a quality pocket to step into and can spread the ball around, there’s little chance we don’t come away with a victory. However if that Eagles DL can decimate inside and out, that would present the Eagles their best path to victory.

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11 hours ago, DreamKid said:


This play just never gets old, ever.

Ravens should dominate this game and I don't expect anything less. Let's see what Roman has cooked up this week to get the boys in rhythm. I think Mark Andrews go completely nuts this game. And you know what? I'm here for it! 

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