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Week 17 GDT - Broncos VS Raiders!

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3 hours ago, broncosfan_101 said:

Alright let’s break down rooting interests across the league, according to what’s best for our draft pick:

- if we win today, we also want wins from MIN over Det, NE over Nyj, DAL over Nyg, WFT over Phi, SF over Sea, LAC over KC.

- if we lose today, we want wins from DET over Min, NYG over Dal, PHI over Wft, CAR over No, CIN over Bal.


With DET and CIN losing, the highest we can pick is 7th. With MIN and NE winning, the lowest we can pick is 13th.

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9 minutes ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

This CBS crew is an embarrassment. Not only do they suck but the fact that they’re doing our game is an embarrassment to the Broncos. 

Drew has played well so far, however. 

Living in Canada, I have 3-4 different games available to me on my parents’ satellite package for each time slot. Broncos games haven’t been on very often the last couple years. 

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6 minutes ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

We need help at a lot of other spots before we need to worry about a throw away position like RB. 

No doubt but if you roll with Lock I think upgrading the run Game would go a long ways.

I mean imagine if a guy like Jonathan Taylor played for us? Guy has carried the Colts. I'm just saying if the value and fit are right I'd consider it. I have no clue how deep this class is though.

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