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Bears in on Golladay?

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19 minutes ago, abstract_thought said:

It's unlikely they keep Robinson after signing Golladay. He's a replacement for ARob.

Biggs said that as of now, this is not the case and they would be a duo


21 minutes ago, chisoxguy7 said:

Golladay/Robinson/Mooney would be a great trio but at the end of the day Andy Dalton is throwing the ball and we still have holes on the OL, a geriatric Jimmy G and a sophomore Kmet. Any money we have for Golladay should have gone to Reilly Reiff. However, Chicago doesn't seem like the most appealing destination for free agents. These players aren't stupid. Why come play for a regime who should be on the way out?

No one's offense is perfect except maybe Tampa's. Reiff isn't good anymore. It's possible the Bears OL to end the year was a flash in the pan, but they were pretty solid and now Daniels will be back. My issue is still Dalton

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28 minutes ago, abstract_thought said:

I'm sure the Bears would like to do that, but as it stands I think it would be tough given their cap situation.

More manipulation is coming. Do you think they went into this without thinking about the cap? 

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2 hours ago, GOGRIESE said:

More manipulation is coming. Do you think they went into this without thinking about the cap? 

I think they're hoping that Golladay will accept less. It's likely they approached him knowing they may not be able to re-sign Robinson.

The only obvious cap-freeing moves left are to cut starters like Leno, Graham, and Hicks.

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3 minutes ago, RunningVaccs said:

MODS: please change title to "Golliday Out on Bears"

MODS: please change title to “It’s So Hard Being a Bears Fan”

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36 minutes ago, GOGRIESE said:

That’s a hideous contract in this market. Giants way overpaid for him 

Yeah as much as I like to kick Pace while he's down if the Bears paid anything like this wed be rightly furious

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16 minutes ago, abstract_thought said:

ARob just got more expensive.

I think ARob/his agent kinda panicked and fudged up by signing the tag so quickly once he heard Bears were talking to Golladay.

Now Bears have more leverage in contract talks because IMO Golladay and Robinson aren't that far apart in WR tier level so not sure how much more Robinson thinks he's going to get than the $18M per year average Golladay just received.

Apparently this is what Bears were oferring Robinson back in 2020 before talks stalled

I'd say Bears mgmt made the right play here...which is surprising to say considering all the other moves they've made so far...

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