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2021 Draft Day Thread


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28 minutes ago, NewAge said:

So what do you do if both Jenkins and Newsom make it to 23?

Tough one. Jenkins being OG/OT is more valuable than strictly an OG which is what may only be available in round 2. I like Mayfield but Jenkins would really help here.

As for CB, we need a starting outside CB. Newsome would fit that role. It comes down to a getting CB at 23 and a starting OG at 34 or a better OL and something else at 34 since I don’t think there is a CB worthy of the 34th pick.

Tough choice. I think I would go Newsome then get a starting OL in round 2. If we did get Jenkins at 23 with Newsome in the board, I won’t cry. 

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Probably Newsome over Jenkins if Jets are seeking to upgrade G rather than T. 


I am curious about 23 because JD and Saleh will face many unwanted plans in 1st. One of them will break the barrier.

Trading out of 23 is still possible but this draft class is bad so they have no reason to collect a bunch of questionable prospects instead of getting right prospects for their plan.   I hear that this UDFA may get richer comparing the past because of that.




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11 minutes ago, NewAge said:

Follow up question: Do you take one at 23 and then immediately trade up from 34 to something in the 24-26 range to get the other?

Back to back picks in 1st ?  I am cool with it.     I can see Walker Little or Dillon Radunz as an option for smaller trade up price.


Edit... I said that because I picked Newsome over Jenkins so if it was Jenkins then Eric Stokes may be legit target if Jets want 1st round CB.

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