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Round 1: Pick #29; Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia


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19 minutes ago, Smidgeon said:

Tretter. Arguably top 5, but we had Linsley. Not apples to apples since there is only one C, but it fits the question. 

It's not even arguable.  In 3 years in GB, Tretter started 10 games.  I'm not sure how you can get a top 5 or even top 15 center in the league when you haven't started even 16 games over 3 years.


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32 minutes ago, vegas492 said:

I said the same thing in a different thread.

I have to go back to Paup to find an example of a player that we let walk who was near the top of his position group at the end of his first contract.

I know Corey Williams was after that, but I'm not sure Corey was in a top tier at his position.  He was a good player, no doubt, but he wasn't near the top of his position.

They also tagged and traded him because he was an awkward fit for the Packers' defense moving forward.  And he wasn't very good for Cleveland after.

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