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Around the NFL: Only Commies like Carson.


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Torn Achilles is being reported Ffffffff


Could get the tweet fast enough. NFL dude deleted it.  Dov something blue check mark guy. Then countered it with fake news. Stop playing with my emotions!!


LMAO He got faked out from a fake account. Still seems to be bad see below


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57 minutes ago, EaglesFlySBChampsHigh said:



Well, at least we should get an early 2nd. Jacob Eason ain't taking that team to better than 5 or 6 wins. And the biggest silver lining is Charmin Wentz is no longer handicapping the Eagles with his charmin bones and feelings.

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2 hours ago, Jroc04 said:

Minor ligament surgery? Maybe back in 6 weeks? Let’s go Carson, get on that table! 

Hopefully the titans suck so they can dream of winning the division and not sit him to get the pick. Could work out well if he only misses 2 games and they start 0-2 and that division winner is like 9 wins or below.

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