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2021 Preseason GDT


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1 hour ago, seminoles1 said:

A voice for the voiceless...right.

He's not being a voice. He literally said he wanted to keep it private a week ago.

He's so unlikeable.

It’s actually really sad to me. I really loved the dude when we drafted him. He was always a really personable and likable guy. And when he wanted out and left he lost his mind. I guess if you want to believe in a flat earth that’s your right. It doesn’t make sense at all, but go ahead and believe what you want no matter how dumb the reality is. But now that he’s scoffing at science that deals with the death of human beings?  Yeah Kyrie you need to track back and get a grip. As much as I’ve enjoyed watching him play he’s very unlikeable right now. 

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2 hours ago, Deadpulse said:

So for ish and gigs, free to play fantasy basketball league for forum bragging rights. First come first serve. Here is the invite link:



I've never played fantasy basketball but have always wanted too, I signed up and will be active throughout the season. Thanks for setting this up.

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