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2021 Preseason GDT


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7 hours ago, agarcia34 said:

KD left Steph and multiple titles to go play with a head case in Kyrie. If there is one guy who doesn’t want to hear about the same question over and over is KD. He’s gonna get tired of it really is.

I agree. It must have been endorsement related or something, either that or just the desire to go back to the east coast. Kyrie is a downright diva compared to Steph. 

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4 hours ago, NYRaider said:

THT and Ariza big losses to start the season. Who do you guys think starts for you? @CWood21 @TheRealMcCoy

I'm assuming

PG - Russ

SG - Ellington

SF - LeBron


C - Jordan

Bazemore is gonna start I think and I’ve held that belief since the offseason if you remember. His defense is gonna give him the push above the rest.

Ellington’s on ball defense has been trash. I think the Lakers analytics guy said he was better last game as a chaser, but I digress.

Lakers fans this preseason have been clamoring more about undrafted rookie Austin Reaves than Ellington.

Edit: Also, Dwight def gives you more than DAJ. Not sure who starts, but yeah.

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