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Lions re-sign S Tracy Walker

Louis Friend

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I like this resigning. At the start of last year everyone was saying 2021 was all about development and evaluating what we had. Walker showed he was a capable safety and I expect him to continue to improve as long as this coaching staff remains.

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I'm good with this.  Walker had history of being good before his final year under Patricia, and found it again with DC and AG.  If he gets back to his rookie year or second year ability, this is a steal.  But a solid value given recent production.  I hope we pair him with Marcus Williams or a good S in the draft.  Having someone to help him would do wonders like when he had Diggs/Quinn next to him. 

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3 hours ago, Nnivolcm said:

His PFF ranking would probably mysteriously improve if the Lions got a pass rush. 

PFF and there numbers only apply when they fit your argument. duh... 😉


*EDIT* Idk, I don't love it at 8 mill or whatever it is per. Just don't like it and wanted him around 5/6 million average.

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54 minutes ago, Lions017 said:

I think that Walker is a really good safety. I like this. PFF isn't always the Bible. 

I think PFF is pretty accurate here TBH.  He had his struggles, he played better when he had another solid S next to him, and he played better when he had somewhat of a pass rush.  I think he is a solid S, PFF has him right around average, maybe he is a touch higher but I don't think it is wrong in the grade they have given him. He could outperform that with upgrades around him, but he is what he is.  he isn't a difference maker, he isn't the anchor to a great D, he is just a solid S that hopefully doesn't lose you games. 

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