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GDT - Week 10 - Can we rejoin the club?

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30 minutes ago, TomRalph said:

So I set my alarm for 1:00am to get up and watch this game live, the first face I see on my 50" TV, I'm bleary eyed, but it's god damn Rob Ryan...

Rob Ryan is a 'special guest' on British TV. 

Please send help. 

That was my first thought, but so far he's been OK. A lot less obnoxious than his brother.

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Looks like the 2015 SNF game all over again as Brock & co get down early and then all of a sudden storm back in the end. So let me get this straight the Pats can defend Brock when he plays for the Texans but when he's in a Bronco uniform he routinely marches them down the field? It would also be nice if they could cover Emanuel Sanders b/c he's torching  whomever is on him.

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