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Cavaliers Thread: We Somehow Both Don't and Do Suck


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1 hour ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

Why wouldn't they? (Talking about trading love)

I think it all depends. Cavs might have decent enough talent that they could trade the pick for maybe another legit player and pair them up wih Love and others. 

They could do a full rebuild and trade all their top tier talent. If James leaves I wouldn't mind seeing them trading Love and TT

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16 minutes ago, Bonanza23 said:

I guess I need to start following college prospects again!  All I need in my life is more time spent. 

How awesome however will it be to once again make the finals AND potentially get a top pick!?

I know right!?!

Not enough time in the day...guess work is just gonna have to suffer.

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2 hours ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

Bledsoe isn't as good as Isaiah, but the idea of paying him the max next offseason is nauseating.  

offensive, now Bledsoe is no where near as good as Isaiah. Now, talking about defense, Bledsoe is superior than Thomas. 

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