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2023 NFL Draft Prospects


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15 minutes ago, Bigbear72 said:

Not being a jerk at all. I stand corrected. Good catch.

That set up, plus the Raiders being dumb as not picking up Jacobs 5th year option is what got them both Franchise Tagged in the same offseason

The same dumb mistake that the Giants made by not picking up Jones' 5th year option, that forced them to overpay to keep both Saquon and Dimes

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17 minutes ago, Ty21 said:

Would bust like 80% of mock drafts lol

Still think that idea is 100% linked to the Cardinals and their frantic efforts to trade down. They are letting it be known thats who they want hoping someone will come up and take #3, but if they get stuck there, I still cant see them passing on all the Top Defensive prospects for PJJ. Hes just not that kind of Tackle

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