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2023 NFL Draft Prospects


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Figured with the new college football season started now was the perfect time to get this up and running to discuss guys we like and could see on this team next offseason...

A few guys at positions of needs that I like early in the process who are underrated...


Dontayvion Wicks...Virginia

Rakim Jarrett...Maryland

Bryce Ford-Wheaton...West Virginia

Cedric Tillman...Tennessee

Chris Autman-Bell...Minnesota


Anton Harrison...Oklahoma

Trevor Reid...Louisville

Jeremy James...Ole Miss

Nick Broeker...Ole Miss


Will McDonald IV...Iowa State

Gervon Dexter...Florida

Mazi Smith...Michigan


Jestin Jacobs...Iowa

Mikel Jones...Syracuse

Dorian Williams...Tulane


Cam Smith...South Carolina

Garrett Williams...Syracuse

Quindell Johnson...Memphis

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I watched TCU this morning to catch some of WR Quentin Johnston...have to say I was a little disappointed...

+Height/Length/Speed are all clear to see

+Ball skills look solid

- Will be limited to playing outside in the NFL

- Thin lower half

- Not overly physical/doesn't enjoy blocking

I have seen Dane Brugler compare Johnston to former Clemson/Pitt WR Martavius Bryant and I can see why...seems like a straight line deep ball type of receiver...don't see that as being a true fit for this scheme.

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1 hour ago, Madmike90 said:

Poles is at the ND vs OSU game...bet he wishes Mike Hall Jr wasn't just a RSoph...dude looks like he would be a great 3tech fit in our D.

He looked good but this was against NDs OL without jarrett Patterson on the right side.  ND likes to control pace and clock with the run game and they couldn't do it. In recent years they relied more on balance up front geared more towards athleticism (Correll/Fisher) but Heistand is back and he loves his 6-6/6-7 powerful big guys up front who can bully smaller DL with strength and lateral quickness at the expense of sideline movement w/ cement feet and this played right into OSUs DL's hand. 

Every team knows to beat ND all you have to do is stop the run. Sound familiar?  This was not a good welcoming back party for Hiestand.  I'll give him the benefit because it was only 1 game against a good team and he was without his best OL player, but I can't help remembering why on gods green earth Alex Bars was ever considered a viable depth option for the Bears.

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9 hours ago, Madmike90 said:

Man Georgia just look like they still have studs everywhere.

Didn't miss a beat, did they?  Same with UT. I thought for sure their backfield would take a step back without Womack but nope.  Not greatest competition but still.


On 9/2/2022 at 7:51 PM, Madmike90 said:


Cedric Tillman...Tennessee

Here's the all-22 film of every snap he played against Georgia last year. I'll add more from this season later.

I had to split it into 5 parts and I just started uploading it so give it time.  I only got as far uploading parts 2 of 5 but I'll edit this post with links to all of them when it's done.

This is something I'm going try to do this year with different prospects. With A22 you can see more of a player than you can with the broadcast view (I.e how well a WR blocks on runs or gets open and the QB doesn't see him, etc).

Part 1: https://www.veed.io/view/5bcdca2f-b04e-47f1-a6f1-931276263bab

Part 2: https://www.veed.io/view/9d6a7928-cd0c-43fc-bb5f-bf8648687593

Part 3: https://www.veed.io/view/8859086b-db7b-40ff-9df8-8394a4465557

Part 4: https://www.veed.io/view/9e5d400a-88f1-45f1-9a0f-563e19ffcb4e

Part 5: https://www.veed.io/view/84aef249-f943-4eaf-a3d1-cc07cc5a84c1





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3 hours ago, JAF-N72EX said:

This may be a bit premature to say but the 2023 WR class doesn't look very good and neither does the FA class.  Poles may have to trade for a WR next year and pay them top dollar to sign.

I think there are very few “#1s” in this upcoming class at receiver…lot of #2/3 who if they fit your scheme can help a lot but I hope we don’t force a WR in the 1st…

All the best talented scheduled to be free agents right now are on the defensive side of the ball.

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7 hours ago, JAF-N72EX said:

This may be a bit premature to say but the 2023 WR class doesn't look very good and neither does the FA class.  Poles may have to trade for a WR next year and pay them top dollar to sign.

I agree it’s early, coupled with the fact that the known top guys either played in non-competitive games (Addison), got hurt (JSN) or haven’t played yet at all (Boutte, who plays today).

I’m pretty intrigued by Jermaine Burton at Bama (xfer from Georgia) but their game wasn’t competitive yesterday either. I like Josh Downs at UNC but he’s listed at 5’10”. 

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8 minutes ago, beardown3231 said:

I really liked what I saw from Chris Smith at Georgia yesterday. He could be a nice pick in round 2 or 3 to complement Brisker & replace that bag of crap Eddie Jackson. He's around the ball and not afraid to lay a big hit

Smith looked good yesterday and in Flus' defence it wouldn't shock me if he wanted another more rounded safety to play next to Brisker...Smith could fill that role...

Was interesting how little Jalen Carter was used...could be a conditioning or health thing this early in the season...that said when he was in there he was dominant...hopefully we aren't anywhere near bad enough to get close to being able to pick him but he is a beast. 

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South Carolina TE Jaheim Bell is such an interesting player to watch...they use him in such a unique way...had 7 rushing attempts yesterday to 4 receptions...doesn't have great size as more of a jacked up WR (or RB as the case may be) but could be a really useful weapon in this offence...

Brant Kuithe from Utah is another one who falls into that same sort of category...even smaller at around 6-2" 230lbs but lines up all over the formation and just finds a way to get open and be a QBs best friend without even being a great athlete...the Cooper Kupp comparison made during last nights game was a bit far but with how easy he makes a QBs life you can see him being highly sought after.

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