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Week 4 Thread: Commanders (1-2) at Cowboys (2-1): 1 PM on FOX (GIF Theme: John Wayne/Clint Eastwood)


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Just now, Slappy Mc said:

I have seen ZERO QBs change play calling here. I'm pretty sure its coached to run the play thats called. I've seen plenty of other teams make pre-snap adjustments... Not us.

If true that's dumb.  Also why do we take forever to make the playcall?  We constantly snap the ball with like 1 second left on the playclock. 

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5 minutes ago, MKnight82 said:

Wentz has to change that play at the line.  That is on Wentz. 

Dallas had less than 4 defensive linemen on the field. Our offensive line couldnt run block against linebackers and a tweener. Not sure what changing the play would do.

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One thing I really hate is when bad decisions get rewarded with good results, because it creates the conclusion that the decision was right. They should have gone for it, but Rivera will take away from this the notion that it was an excellent and very crafty choice to punt it away.

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