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GDT - 9 - The Colts Come to Town


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This week at Gillette stadium we host the Indianapolis Colts. Looks like QB Matt Ryan, RB Jonathan Taylor, LB Grant Stuard, and CB Tony Brown are all out for the colts. We are without WR Parker, OT Cannon, C Andrews, and RB Damien Harris. Those dang injuries are piling up. This is a winnable game. If our defense stays competent then I'm confident that we win this. That and their best RB/QB are both out. Hopefully we have a plan to sure up the offensive line so Mac can thrive and we have an offensive game plan.

I got three questions for you all. Who scores the games first points? Who scores first after halftime? Without Parker, who takes his place?

My score prediction NE 28 to IND 10. Let's go!!


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This has the makings of a Bourne breakout game.. if the Colts decide to put Gilmore on Meyers we could see Mac constantly going to Bourne. Get that man 10 targets and over 100 yards and maybe he can be pushed back into the gameplan. 


That and I want to see at least one Thornton end around a game.. Patricia should be motioning him all the time to mess with teams and give him the ball at least once. 


Play solid defense, keep TE help in so Wynn doesn't get Mac killed and feed Bourne/Thornton on short plays in space. 

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21 minutes ago, Apparition said:

I don't think the Pats have had a OL this bad since early in the Bledsoe era. Horrible. 

Didn't we have one at the end of Brady era.  They lost like like three LTs made a trade with Seahawk. I have the name Newhouse rattling in my head?

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