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18 minutes ago, textaz03 said:


Bye bye Dalton

I know how everyone on here hates Schultz, but im gonna tell, Dak is going to miss him big-time. And it's going to show up in his game. 

Mark my words, write it down, Schultz was his go-to guy. Chemistry, its not just a high school subject.

With keeping Zeke and tagging Pollard, our running game is going to suffer even more. Players don't come back from injuries like his stronger and better, it's the other way around.

So you got Lamb and then????

No other receiver targeted as much as Schultz, a question mark at RB, another with Gallup (is he back fully from his injury or is in the "Zeke I lost a few steps" category?), J. Tolbert =nothing, TY "I never see you" Hilton, Noah Brown, or a rookie.

So, tagging Pollard, keeping Zeke, lising Schultz all makes this offense better how exactly?

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18 hours ago, JohnChimpo said:

What is the vet minimum? I might be willing to keep him for that.

No. Keeping him at any salary prevents a more productive player from being on the field. Remember, the coaches don’t make the decisions as to who suits up. Jerry does.

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