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The STL Cardinals Thread - Is It The Offseason Yet?


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I am 3-3 now.  We didn't even show up today.  Royals pitcher had a perfect game going into the 8th, I think.  

Wainwright is washed.  Brendan Donovan is about as useful as your grandmother.  And they didn't even play my guy Gallegos, so I didn't get to listen to El Indio Enamorado.


I did eat the chicken sandwich from Shaq's restaurant.  It was very good.  15 dollars at the ball park good? Maybe not.  But it was good.

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Well, we're now at memorial Day and that is typically what I use as my judging point on what to expect for the season assuming no major changes to the team. it's pretty evident this team just isn't that good. Basically (2) starters you know what to expect, with everyone else being a wild crd in the rotation. The BP gets overtaxed and has it's stretches of inconsistency. The offense still seems to have a lot of the same problems in that when they go cold, majority of them go cold at the same time.


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This is an all around bad situation. Not enough talent, injuries, bad coaching, bad luck. We haven’t really been good in awhile. We have been average with one hot month in the last two seasons. Never a particularly bad long month. Now those average months are turning to bad months. It’s going to take an extra long hot streak, or two extended hot streaks for us to do anything. A lot of “if’s” and “but’s” with this team. 

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