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6.212 - Deuce Vaughn - RB Kansas State


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As a Texas tech fan I am thrilled. 3 years of playing against Deuce. idgaf about his size.


True Freshman year: 16 attempts 113 yards 1 TD - 3 receptions 81 yards 1 TD

Sophomore year: 15 attempts 52 yards 2 TDs - 7 receptions 68 yards 1 TD

Junior year: 23 attempts 170 yards - 1 reception 11 yards


Get out of the big 12 and on my team!

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2 minutes ago, CT Cowboy Fan said:

So he’s still a growing young lad

I honestly think his height helps. Defenders break down to make tackles. When they size up Deuce they have to break down so low it seems to take away their athleticism. Lots of defenders falling and otherwise looking stuck in the mud. It's not that he's long speed fast, and a lot of RBs are quick and shifty. It's just that he plays on a lower plane than every one else, you have to get to his level to tackle him, and it seems only he is still athletic when on that level.

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It's instilled in a defenders head sealed by muscle memory for them to get lower and gain leverage on the ball carrier. They are trained not to come in with their head higher than the ball carriers head. Well, with Deuce that's a real mf problem, and when defenders naturally try to get that low out of instinct they are unable to cut and react as fast. 

I obviously have concerns about how his body will hold up to the punishment that he will eventually take, but I really like the kid. 

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