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The 2023 Vikings' Draft Class

vike daddy

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1.23 - Jordan Addison, WR - USC
2.24  - TJ Hockensen, TE - Detroit Lions
3.102 - Mekhi Blackmon, CB - USC 
4.134 - Jay Ward, DB - LSU 
5.141 - Jaquelin Roy, DT - LSU
5.164 - Jaren Hall, QB - BYU 
7.222 - DeWayne McBride, RB - UAB
2024 5th Round pick gained


how did Kwesi do this year? what were his strategies? what are the commonalities among these players? what was he avoiding?

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Minnesota Vikings,  A-

Draft picks

USC WR Jordan Addison (No. 23 overall)

USC DB Mekhi Blackmon (No. 102)

LSU DB Jay Ward (No. 134)

LSU DT Jaquelin Roy (No. 141)

BYU QB Jaren Hall (No. 164)

UAB RB DeWayne McBride (No. 222)


Day 1 grade: A
Day 2 grade: B+
Day 3 grade: A


Analysis: Addison will complement star receiver Justin Jefferson so well from the slot that it seemed the marriage was fate. Tight end T.J. Hockenson cost the team its second-rounder, which may prove wise if the Vikings are able to extend or re-sign him next offseason. Blackmon's competitiveness and sticky coverage met a crucial need.

Ward is a tough-minded safety who can play some nickel for the Vikings, picking him after gaining a 2024 fifth-round pick when trading down. Roy was an excellent value in the fifth as an active interior defender. Hall is a developmental passer but flashed the velocity and accuracy of an NFL starter as often as some other quarterbacks selected before him. McBride went two rounds later than I expected.


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I would give this draft a C until we add consideration of the UDFA class.   Then, I'm thinking its more along a B- to a B. 

Ultimately, I hope these guys are good enough to keep the Vikes on top of the North.  But, a couple of the picks make no sense to me.   There were CBs worth picking that appeared better than Blackmon.   The insurance is 2 or 3 UDFAs to compete . . . Chances are one of them rocks it through camp and climbs the depth chart.

I'm glad Hunter wasn't traded.  Part of me still worries that there's a whole lot of unfinished business behind the scenes . . . Stuff that could shock us.


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8 hours ago, JDBrocks said:

of concern?

I think they have specific athletic thresholds for each position, and if that player meets it, then they let the tape speak for themselves. 


The only one that doesn’t make sense is Roy’s RAS. Watching him, the dude has some get up and a little more twitch and wiggle off the line and in the trenches then the ras would indicate. I think he’s a sneaky sneaky solid pick but RAS would make you think he’s just one giant unathletic blob 


edit: also remember they are privy to in game tracking data that we are not. So many they are putting stock into that. Because there is no way they are ignoring athleticism, not kwesi and not his front office. 

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This is the first time in years I can say we probably have 6 players in this draft that should probably make some sort of an impact in year 1 as a rookie. Not sure if it’s the lack of depth, or they actually went after positions of need. 

Addison should get significant time as basically a starter along side JJ and Osborn. 

Blackman will see time and will compete for the #2 CB job with Evans and Booth. 

Ward can play every spot in the defensive back spot in this defense, along with probably being one of the top tier special team guys. 

Roy instantly is good enough to be a rotational defensive lineman in this defense. 

hopefully Hall never sees the field this year. 

McBride probably is the best running back on the team if Cook ends up departing. Splitting time with Mattison. 

Even probably got a couple guys on the UDFA market that slipped thru and could come in and play some this year or at least make the roster.


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