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Falcons HC Arthur Smith told OT Peter Skoronski that he found him boring.


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52 minutes ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

since when is Arthur Smith a billionaire? 

His daddy is worth $4.6B but he has 8 siblings. If he takes a few of them out hunger games style when daddy dies, he could be a billionaire 

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On 5/21/2023 at 8:55 PM, dll2000 said:

We don’t know all the facts. 

1) He could have been kidding around.  Probably was.  You didn’t hear voice inflection or see if he was smirking.   I say straight man sarcastic things all the time I don’t mean. 

You have to understand a lot of football people say Olinemen should be boring.  You don’t want to hear their name.    NFL Oline coaches often call olinemen mushrooms - kept in dark and fed poop.  No glory.  It is an inside joke.  

2) It is a big assumption to say he passed on him because he was boring in an interview.

Nope. They passed on him because they wanted Bijan. That simple. 

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Hmm after watching the draft house thing that Bijan and the others did before being drafted.  Bijan said he did like 15 interviews and the Falcons interview was the toughest but he liked it the most.   Im wondering if Smith and them are putting them in a bit of uncomfortable situations or making the interview a bit tougher just to see how they will react for future references.  Like telling Skoronski he was boring to see if he changes how he answers or stays the same.  Sorta reacting to adversity a little bit before you draft them. 

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